The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything recently tore down (or rather tore apart...) the new Samsung Galaxy S9, giving us the closest look at yet at the new smartphone's camera hardware. So if the still images in the iFixit teardown weren't quite interesting enough for you, this might just do the trick.

The camera teardown is about one minute and a half long, running from the 3:30 mark until about 5:00. In that time, we get to see the Optical Image Stabilization system demoed and torn open to reveal the magnets inside:

Then, we get really close look at one of the phone's most intriguing features: the variable aperture. It turns out the system works using a little lever on the side of the housing. So when the phone senses that there is enough light to justify it, it'll flip this switch electronically and switch from it's world's-brightest F1.5 setting to F2.4.

Here's a very close look at that switch in action:

You can check out the full teardown in the video at the top. And stay tuned, because we'll be bringing you a full smartphone camera review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 just as soon as we can put a unit through its paces.