Articles tagged "youtube"

Adobe is testing a live-streaming feature for its Creative Cloud apps

It appears Adobe is interested in expanding the possibilities of live-streaming with direct integration into its collection of Creative Cloud apps.

Popular YouTube channel creates camera lens from scratch using sand and rocks

Popular YouTube channel 'How to Make Everything' went through the painstaking process of creating a camera lens starting with raw materials.

'Potato Camera' project creates camera out of a potato - what did you expect them to do?

It seems that there really is no limit to human ingenuity - at least at the lower end of the scale. Evidence: the Potato Camera.

Video: Diving into the demise of Kodak

YouTube channel Company Man has shared a 12-minute video explaining the history of Kodak and the factors that led to it going from industry leader to bankrupt business.

YouTube co-founders launch new MixBit video app

Do we need another video sharing app?