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Slideshow: Winning photographs of the 2021 Storm Photographer of the Year competition

The winning photographs and photographer for the second annual Storm Photographer of the Year competition have been announced. We've rounded up the incredible winning photographs into a gallery.

Slideshow: Winners of the 2021 Storm Photo/Photographer of the Year

The winning images of the inaugural Storm Photo/Photographer of the Year contest have been revealed.

Pursuit: A spectacular storm-chasing time-lapse made from 90,000 photos

Storm chaser and award-winning photographer Mike Oblinski just released his latest time-lapse, and it is absolutely stunning.

Pulse: Extreme weather in black and white

Mike Olbinski has wowed us many times over the past year with his storm chasing footage, but this time he put a black and white spin on it. Read more 

Stormy weather: Photographer Mike Olbinski captures Oklahoma tornado

Most photographers are ready to head home after a 10-hour wedding shoot, but Mike Olbinski isn't your average wedding photographer. Read more

LG G2 images are out of this world

LG sent its new G2 into the stratosphere, and other tales of high-flying smartphones.

Northern lights play over the USA

Photographers and star-gazers in the upper United States were treated to a rare display of Aurora Borealis when the 'Earth passed through a region of south-pointing magnetism in the solar wind,' according to More aurorae are expected in the late hours of June 8 or early June 9, with NOAA forecasters estimating a 65% chance of geomagnetic storms. Click through for images and more details.