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Video: Kai Wong's first impressions of the new DJI Spark drone

The sample footage looks good.

Go surfing in VR with Kelly Slater

What's it like to ride the waves with champion surfer Kelly Slater? This VR video from Teton Gravity Research gives you a taste.

Cage match: iPhone 7 Plus vs. Arri Alexa

How does the iPhone 7 Plus stack up against the Arri Alexa cinema camera? Watch this short video to find out.

New Red Bull video shows downhill MTB ride, lit by drone

Riding a mountain bike downhill is dangerous enough in daylight, but potentially lethal at night. Which is where drones come in.

Video: Journalist survives ISIS sniper attack, his GoPro does not

In this terrifying video, Iraqi journalist Ammar Alwaely narrowly misses a sniper's bullet, which takes out his chest-mounted GoPro. Warning: strong language. Watch the video


What gear do filmmakers rent most often?

Brent from ShareGrid rounds up the 10 most common products filmmakers are renting from one another for productions; chances are good you own one or more of them.

Video: is the Canon EOS M6 good for vlogging?

We made a vlog about vlogging with the M6 (which we used to make the vlog).

Video: first person view of a spacewalk, shot by an action cam
A Taste of New York is a stunning Big Apple time-lapse

Team Film Spektakel spent 10 days in New York in 2016 and shot 65,000 photos to produce this breathtaking three minute time-lapse. See video

Drone footage helps scientists understand how narwhals use their tusks

It turns out they're used to stun fish before eating them.

10 cool DIY photography techniques that anyone can do

Stuck in a creative rut? Here are 10 easy photo techniques to get your creative juices flowing.

Back to basics: A simple three-point lighting setup for headshots

This video tutorial makes it easy to step outside of your available-light comfort zone.

One artist copes with sleep paralysis by casting himself in nightmarish photos

For Nicolas Bruno, creating photos inspired by the waking nightmares of sleep paralysis helps him maintain a sense of control.

A slow motion dive onto a trampoline covered with mouse traps

Video firmly establishes critical need for high frame rate 4K on all cameras.

This video from an action cam strapped to a dog will make you laugh or make you sick, possibly both
Canon 6D II rumors and a B&W medium format back: 'Fro rounds up the week's news

In his latest photo news 'fix', Jared Polin, AKA 'Fro Knows Photo' tackles the announcement of Phase One's new 100MP black and white back, and rumors of a forthcoming replacement for the Canon EOS 6D. 

Sony releases short film showing off Xperia XZ Premium super-slow motion mode

Sony Mobile has released the first super-slow-motion short movie that has been completely recorded on a smartphone. 

Taco night in 4K with with Panasonic GX850

Panasonic's entry level camera gets the yummy yummy shots.

Fantastic footage of fjords with the DJI Mavic Pro

This footage, filmed by CreateOne film production on a DJI Mavic Pro high above Norway has us all checking our vacation days and airline ticket prices. Read more

GoPro documents skier's fall into crevasse

He's fine, but we're honestly a little shaken up watching this footage.

This video of a bear chasing a biker is why POV cameras were invented
Filmmaker and photographer collaborate to show natural beauty of ocean waves

How do you capture the beauty of an ocean wave with a single still image? You turn it into a cinemagraph, of course.

Lindsay Adler discusses the evolution of her photographic style

Adobe is kicking off a new YouTube series of interviews with creatives of all kinds by talking with portrait photographer Lindsay Adler.

How would you improve the Panasonic GH5?

The Panasonic GH5 still new, but Lee Morris at Fstoppers suggests 12 firmware updates that would improve the camera.

5 reasons to choose the Leica Q for street photography

Many street photographers have a particular camera that fits them just right. For photographer Robin Schimko, that camera is the Leica Q. Here's why.

This flower bloom time-lapse took three years and 8TB of raw footage to create

An encore to his 2012 'Fall' time-lapse, Jamie Scott's 'Spring' is a mesmerizing work that encapsulates the season in just four minutes.

Poor piloting causes terrifying cycle crash

A fellow racer's camera captures the moment a crashed drone causes a horrendous crash at a California bike race.

Is it time to adopt DaVinci Resolve for video editing?

NewsShooter interviews Blackmagic president Dan May about DaVinci Resolve 14, released last week.

New tripod tech

How does the new Manfrotto Nitrotech tripod head work? The folks at Cinema5D take a look.

Video: Cassini's first Grand Finale dive over Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft's Grand Finale is a gold mine for space and photo nerds, and now, NASA's stepped it up with a pretty slick animation.

$138,000 unboxing video!

Watch this unboxing video to see what's not included when you buy a RED Weapon 8K camera. At least you get free stickers.

This hyperlapse captures Rome's bustle and beauty

Take a tour through the streets of Rome in less than three minutes.

Audio-Technica wants to teach you the best audio techniques for video

New video series covers all the basics you need to know to capture great audio, covering everything from boom poles to lavalier mics, and how to hide a microphone in a plant.

SmugMug Films celebrates Nikon's role in space exploration with cool video

To help Nikon celebrate its 100th anniversary, SmugMug films produced a spectacular time-lapse video using photos taken by Nikon cameras in space.

NPPA announces Best of Photojournalism Video awards and more

Winners were announced for spot news, general news, deadline and news feature categories.

This 12K rig uses six Panasonic Lumix GX80s for 360-degree video

What do you get when you mount six 4K cameras in a sphere? 12K 360-degree video, of course. Photo Gear News checks out Nick Driftwood's new rig. Read more

DPReview on TWiT: NAB roundup

On this week's episode of The New Screen Savers, DPReview editor Dale Baskin joined tech guru Leo Laporte to talk about exciting products and trends from NAB 2017. Read more

Celebrate International Dark Sky Week with a night sky time-lapse

In honor of International Dark Sky Week, astrophotographer Matt Dieterich has released a time-lapse video called Pacific Northwest Nights, shot while working at Mt. Rainier National Park. Read more

Sony a9 first look videos

With the a9, Sony hopes to break into the professional action photography market. Check out our brief first look video to quickly get up to speed on Sony's new rapid-fire sports machine, and also check out its autofocus in action. Read more

SmugMug Films: The journey from food to photography

SmugMug Films just released its newest production, an inspirational film profiling acclaimed food photographer Eric Wolfinger. Eric recently met with DPReview to talk about how he turned his passion for food and travel into a career in photography. Read the interview

Ask the staff: How are you shooting the cherry blossoms?

The blooming of University of Washington's cherry blossom trees is an annual Seattle tradition – and a challenging photographic subject. But we don't back down from a challenge. See video

At the market: Panasonic GH5 sample video

We've been hard at work testing the new Panasonic GH5, and while we put the finishing touches on our review, we wanted to share a video we shot with the camera at Seattle's Pike Place Market. Read more

How the heck do you pronounce 'bokeh'? PGN settles it once and for all

'Why are we here?' 'Is there life on other planets?' 'How do you pronounce bokeh?' Photo Gear News might not be able to help us answer all of our burning questions, but they have offered a definitive answer on that last one. Read more

DPReview on TWiT: the Fujifilm GFX 50S

This week DPReview editor Dan Bracaglia joined the TWiT Network's popular weekend show, The New Screen Savers, to talk about medium-format photography and the Fujifilm GFX 50S with tech guru Leo Laporte. Read more

Android 7.1.1 update for OnePlus 3T brings improved video stabilization

With its Android 7.1.1 based OxygenOS 4.1.0 update, the OnePlus 3T's video stabilization is now on the Google Pixel's level. Read more

Real 3D images of Mars make up this video of a simulated flight over the red planet

It took photographer and self-proclaimed space enthusiast Jan Fröjdman three months to produce a video turning NASA anaglyph images of Mars into a simulated flight over the planet. Read more

Richard Cooke shares stories from a career photographing fast cars and RAF jets

Richard Cooke, an action photographer whose portfolio includes innovative air-to-air shots of RAF jets, has launched a weekly video series telling the stories behind some of his most daring shoots. Read more

Take a look at the first video cage for the Panasonic GH5

Polish video accessory-maker 8Sinn claims to have made the first video cage for the Panasonic GH5, and our friends at Photo Gear News have taken a closer look at it. See video

CP+ 2017: a taste of the show

It's a bird! It's a camera! It's actually both and it's really creeping us out. Camera pigeons and other odds and ends we found at CP+ 2017 are all highlighted here for your amusement. See video

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