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EarthCam collaborates with Sony on two new high-resolution timelapse cameras

EarthCam, a provider of webcam technology and services for the likes of NASA, CNN and Walt Disney Pictures, recently released two new high-resolution time-lapse cameras. They feature Sony's imaging technology.

Video: Typologies of New York City: A Crowdsourced Hyperlapse

Visual artist SamTheCobra crowdsourced hundreds of photos from New York City's most scenic locations to create this mesmerizing hyperlapse video.

TikeePRO 2+ 6K time-lapse camera with GPS is made for professionals

This isn't your average GoPro-style time-lapse camera. The TikeePRO 2+ can record 6K time-lapses from inside a ruggedized box with an integrated solar panel and GPS functionality.

Afidus ATL-200 camera can capture time-lapses for up to 80 days on battery power

Afidus says its camera can capture 1080p time-lapses for up to 80 days on a single set of batteries.

Grand Canyon time lapse records rare cloud inversion

Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic, filmmakers and collaborators on a project called Skyglow, recently captured remarkable footage of a cloud inversion in the Grand Canyon. See for yourself how the clouds take on an almost ocean-like appearance in their latest time lapse footage.

Ultra-creative NYC 'layer-lapse' plays with night and day... and your mind

By combining his skills as a time-lapse filmmaker and an engineer, Julian Tryba created this out-of-this-world creative 'layer-lapse' of New York City that alternates between night and day in time with the music.

Pursuit: A spectacular storm-chasing time-lapse made from 90,000 photos

Storm chaser and award-winning photographer Mike Oblinski just released his latest time-lapse, and it is absolutely stunning.

'Awaken' trailer released, features never-before-possible time-lapse shots

Filmmaker and photographer Tom Lowe had to create new technologies to capture his upcoming film Awaken. The trailer makes it clear: he's massively raised the bar on time-lapse cinematography.

Time-lapse captures thousands of fireworks going off over LA on July 4th

On July 4th, photographer Dylan Schwartz captured this time-lapse of Los Angeles from Mount Wilson Observatory. His vantage point gave him a spectacular snapshot of hundreds of individual fireworks displays.

Mike Olbinski releases stunning sunset time-lapse featuring unusual cloud formations

We know, we know, another day, another weather time-lapse. But you won't regret devoting a minute of your time to watching this one.

This flower bloom time-lapse took three years and 8TB of raw footage to create

An encore to his 2012 'Fall' time-lapse, Jamie Scott's 'Spring' is a mesmerizing work that encapsulates the season in just four minutes.

This hyperlapse captures Rome's bustle and beauty

Take a tour through the streets of Rome in less than three minutes.

Celebrate International Dark Sky Week with a night sky time-lapse

In honor of International Dark Sky Week, astrophotographer Matt Dieterich has released a time-lapse video called Pacific Northwest Nights, shot while working at Mt. Rainier National Park. Read more

Stunning time-lapse captures the seasons of Norway

The footage captured in this time-lapse shot in Norway is absolutely captivating. Morten Rustad travelled some 20,000km to put it together and it was certainly worth the effort. Read more

Enlaps Tikee time-lapse camera packs two lenses and a solar panel

A French company has created a weatherproof, solar-powered camera designed for long-duration time-lapses. Read more

Pulse: Extreme weather in black and white

Mike Olbinski has wowed us many times over the past year with his storm chasing footage, but this time he put a black and white spin on it. Read more 

Watch thousands of books being reshelved in a two minute time-lapse

After a two-year closure for repairs, the Rose Main Reading Room at the New York Public Library reopened earlier this month. That meant a whole lot of books had to go back on the shelves. See video

Monsoon III: Time-lapse captures the raw power of a monsoon

Mike Olbinski chased the monsoons in the desert Southwest over the course of 36 days to put this amazing time-lapse film together. See more

Vorticity: Time-lapse captures the drama of storm chasing

Mike Olbinski drove some 20,000 miles over the course of 18 days to put together one of the most compelling time-lapse videos we've seen in a long time. Read more

Time-lapse captures fast-changing Singapore skyline over three years

A four minute time-lapse from Keith Loutit captures a rapidly growing Singapore, and is the culmination of a shoot that spanned three years. See video

Scientifantastic - The Time-lapse and Landscape Work of Joe Capra

Photographer Joe Capra got started shooting landscapes but in recent years he's been making a name for himself with high-resolution timelapse videos, shot on dedicated stills cameras and painstakingly put together using specialist software. Click through to view some of his stunning imagery and to learn more about his process in our detailed Q&A

Flickering fireflies in time-lapse

You don’t have to be be a kid to enjoy the beautiful light show from fireflies. There’s something magical about their bioluminescence and the dancing display of lights they create. Photographer Vincent Brady loves fireflies too and his new time-lapse video, shot at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and around his hometown of Grand Ledge, Michigan, is an artistic look at one of nature’s most alluring insects. See video

'City of Samba': Rio Carnival in tilt-shift

The breathtaking 'City of Samba' video chronicles the festival of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro through a creative mashup of stop-motion and tilt-shift photography. The world of Carnival is even more impressive when it feels like an immersive model, a cartoon come to life. Captured from a vantage point above the fray, the 'City of Samba' shows the hectic celebration as a crazy animated dance. See video