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Google Street View is unavailable in Mauritius, so one resident created his own using a DJI drone

Mauritius is a remote island off the southeastern coast of the African continent that's never had Google Street View. So, an island resident, Reuben Pillay, decided to use his own DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create more than 220 high-resolution 360-degree images of the island.

You can now explore the International Space Station in Google Street View

European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet spent 6 months on board the International Space Station where he worked with Google capturing spheric panorama images that are now available in Street View.

Google taught an AI to create pro-level photos from Street View imagery

Professional landscape photographers beware, Google just taught an AI to pull 'professional-level photographs' from street view imagery.

Photographer uses Google Street View to 'travel' and photograph the world

Photographer Jacqui Kenny suffers from anxiety so crippling she occasionally can't leave the house. So she 'visits' and photographs far away places through Google Street View.

Google's connecting your Photo Spheres to crowdsource more virtual tours on Google Maps.