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Twitter bans posting photos of people without their explicit consent to do so

Pictures and video can not now be shared without the express consent of everyone who appears in them, according to new rules implemented by Twitter a day after its CEO, Jack Dorsey, stepped down.

Why the Fujifilm X100V is one photographer's perfect camera for the streets

Photographer James Maher has been using the X100 series for street photography since the original version, but he's found the updates in the latest X100V make it the best street photography camera yet.

DPReview TV: Leica Monochrom M10 review

The M10 Monochrom is Leica's newest dedicated black and white rangefinder camera. Is it a street photographer's dream come true? Chris and Jordan take it to the mean streets of Calgary to find out.

Video: A curated collection of street photography from 1838 to 2019

A meticulously curated video from YouTuber Guy Jones highlights the evolution of street photography from mid-19th century to present day.

'Streets in Mind' shows NYC through the eyes of B&W street photographer Alan Schaller

SmugMug Films has shared its latest film, Streets in Mind, which takes a look at the life and work of London-based street photographer Alan Schaller.

Photogenic Paris street seeks to ban Instagrammers certain times of the week

Residents of a Paris street plagued by Instagrammers, selfie takers and music video crews are asking the city government for a weekend and evening ban to give them some peace.

'Everybody Street' documentary free streaming options arrive on YouTube, Prime Video

The short documentary, shot by photographer Cheryl Dunn, 'pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City

Magnum photographers capture New York City at golden hour

The New Yorker asked Magnum's famed photographers, in town for the agency's 70th anniversary, to go out and capture 'the fleeting beauty of New York City's golden hour.' This is what they shot.

New site aims to be the definitive resource for street photography hopes to educate, inspire and create a community for a new generation of Cartier-Bressons.

Street photography advice from a master

David Gibson, one of Britain's best known street shooters, shares all.

5 reasons to choose the Leica Q for street photography

Many street photographers have a particular camera that fits them just right. For photographer Robin Schimko, that camera is the Leica Q. Here's why.

Practical advice to improve your street photography

Street photography is hard. Fortunately The Phoblographer has some tips to improve your odds.

California dreaming: The zen of photography with Rinzi Ruiz and Jonathan Alcorn

Street photographer Rinzi Ruiz and photojournalist Jonathan Alcorn are both based in the Los Angeles area, but their personal photography takes them to very different places. Take a look at what zen means to these photographers. Read more

Diptychs: Sometimes, Two Photos is Better Than One.
They say "every picture tells a story." But sometimes, it takes two.
Eric Kim: What to consider when buying a new camera for street photography

Eric Kim shares his advice on picking the best camera for street photography - and making a camera purchase in general.

Eric Kim on the pioneering color photographer Stephen Shore

Popular LA-based street photographer Eric Kim has posted an interesting article on his site, entitled '5 things Stephen Shore can teach you about street photography'. According to Kim, Shore - an American photographer best known for his 1970s color studies of American landscapes - has a lot to teach today's street photographers. Lessons include 'shoot color for visual accuracy and realism' and 'go against the grain' as well as more prosiac advice such as 'date your images'. Click through to read Kim's article in its entirity.

Book Review: Visual Stories - Behind the Lens with Vincent Laforet
As Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet transitions away from still photography and more towards film and video, he looks back at his photojournalistic and commercial career in this engaging book. Adam Koplan takes a look.
Private Views by Barbara Crane
In the early 1980’s, Barbara Crane attended crowded summer festivals and fairs in the parks of Chicago. The resulting series, now handsomely published by Aperture Press as a book entitled Private Views, is a well-executed and wonderfully idiosyncratic body of work.
The Passionate Photographer By Steve Simon
Adam Koplan takes a closer look at Steve Simon's captivating book, The Passionate Photographer. In it, Simon aims to help shooters address two important dilemmas: 'Why aren't my pictures as good as I want them to be?' and the immediate follow-up, 'What can I do about it?'
Walker Evans: Cuba
'Walker Evans: Cuba' is a striking collection of photographs taken during a visit by the young photographer in 1933. Although not as polished as Evans' later work, the images in this collection provide a fascinating insight into a unique moment in time and a nascent photographic genius.
How the iPhone changed my photography
The iPhone is the most popular camera on photo-sharing site Flickr, and Apple's App Store for iOS has transformed cellphone photography. Dpreview reviews editor Barnaby Britton takes a walk down memory lane and explains how the iPhone has transformed his photography.
Book Review: Saul Leiter: Early Color
Although not as well-known as some of his contemporaries, Saul Leiter is one of the most interesting photographers of his generation. This collection, 'Early Color' showcases some of his experiments with color film in the 1940s and 50s and reveals a unique eye.
Kertész - Photographs by André Kertész
Released on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition curated by the Jeu de Paume Museum in Paris, this magnificent selection of nearly 500 images presents the most comprehensive collection of André Kertész’s work in print.