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Getty Images is phasing out rights-managed 'creative images' in favor of royalty free content

Getty has announced it's phasing out rights-managed licensing for creative images in favor of royalty-free licensing due to 'the changing needs of our [image buyers].'

Fotolia is shuttering its website next year following complete integration with Adobe Stock

Fotolia sent out an email notifying users that, beginning November 2019, they will no longer be able to access their Fotolia accounts and will instead need to transition to Adobe stock or another stock photography service.

ImageBrief is shutting down, users have one week to save their images

On-demand photo licensing service ImageBrief is shutting down after six years of trying to compete in the same industry as giants like Getty and Shutterstock. The news was announced in an email to users sent out earlier this week.

Shutterstock bans unnatural monkey and ape photos at PETA's request

The ban includes images that show an ape or monkey in costume or otherwise dressed up, demonstrating unnatural behaviors like dancing, interacting with humans in a way that isn't natural for the animal, and more.

iStockphoto founder launches Stocksy, an artist-owned stock photo service

Bruce Livingstone, founder of iStockphoto (which has since been acquired by Getty Images), has launched Stocksy, an artist-owned stock photography co-operative. Under its licensing terms, photographers receive 50% of each royalty transaction. Each photographer also receives equity and is entitled to a share of the co-operative's annual profits. This launch comes hot on the heels of a recent and controversial deal between Getty Images and Google, in which Google Drive's image vault gives public access to over 5000 Getty images with very little compensation to the photographers.

Stock or assignment - what's right for me?
Whether to shoot stock, assignments or a mixture of both is a decision that every professional photographer has to make at some point. Read this article to get an understanding of the effective differences between stock and assignment photography and find out what works best for you.