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The Sony a7 IV includes a screen reader to help the visually impaired

The Sony a7 IV includes a new screen reader assistive feature that makes the camera more accessible for the many people who struggle with vision impairment and loss. It's a great first step in making photography and digital cameras more accessible.

Sony announces Xperia 1 IV smartphone with true optical zoom, 4K/120p HDR video

Sony's new Xperia 1 IV smartphone promises to be a true flagship phone for content creators thanks to a true optical zoom, 4K/120p video and new livestreaming capabilities.

Hands-on with the Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM II

We go hands-on with Sony's new 24-70mm F2.8 GM II to see what new features it includes and how it compares to Sony's original 24-70mm F2.8 GM model.

DPReview TV: Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM II Review

Sony has just announced its updated 24-70mm F2.8 GM II and there are a host of impressive upgrades. We took this new lens around a very soggy downtown Calgary to see how it performs.

Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM II Sample Gallery

Sony has a new flagship standard zoom lens. The features, size and weight are impressive, but how do the photos look? Take a peek at our gallery.

Sony announces new FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM II lens for E-mount cameras

The second-generation 24-70mm F2.8 E-mount lens from Sony brings an all new optical design and focusing mechanism for improved image quality and focusing performance, as well as other new and improved features.

ArduCam releases 64MP autofocus camera for Raspberry Pi projects

At the heart of the camera module appears to be a Sony IMX686 1/17" image sensor capable of capturing 64MP images and 1080/30p video.

TTartisan reveals Leica M-mount to Sony E-mount lens adapter with pre-encoded focal length selector

The adapter features a rotary dial that can be turned to select the focal length of the attached lens so the focal length information can be sent to the compatible E-mount camera to embed in EXIF data and to use for in-body image stabilization.

Sony releases new two-channel audio receiver with Multi Interface hotshoe support

When paired with an included adapter, this receiver can transmit both audio directly through Sony's Multi Interface hotshoe on compatible cameras, negating the need to use the camera's audio input port.

Sony a1 teardown shows that Sony has made many hidden changes and improvements

If you guessed that the inside of the Sony a1 would look like every other recent Sony camera, you'd be partially right. It's familiar, yes, but thanks to a teardown by Kolari Vision, we get to see just how many changes Sony has made to its latest flagship camera.

Slideshow: Winners and Shortlist for the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards Open Competition

The annual Sony World Photography Awards announced the winners and shortlisted entries for its 2022 Open Competition.

DPReview TV: Sony 16-35mm F4 PZ Review - Photographers should care too!

The new Sony 16-35mm F4 PZ is obviously an interesting choice for video work, but we think it's a solid choice for photographers as well.

Sony 16-35mm F4 G PZ Sample Gallery

The Sony 16-35mm F4 G PZ might seem geared towards videographers, but it's a very capable photographic tool as well. Check out Chris' sample images!

Sony unveils new $1,200 16-35mm F4 Power Zoom lens for E-mount camera systems

Sony has announced the FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G, a lightweight wide-angle power zoom for its E-mount system.

DPReview TV: Sony Alpha cameras - The good and the bad

Sony cameras do a lot right, but there's still room for improvement. We discuss some of our favorite things about Alpha cameras, as well as areas where they need some course correction.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions provides additional details on its new 2-Layer Transistor Pixel tech

In a new video, Sony Semiconductor Solutions engineers explain the new '2-layer Transister Pixel' design that will improve both dynamic range and noise performance of future sensors by splitting the photodiode and pixel transistors onto separate layers of substrate using an advanced bonding technology.

Sony Japan lists all A-mount lenses as 'discontinued' on its online shop

37 years after the A-mount was introduced by Minolta, Sony Japan has listed all lens models as 'discontinued' in its online store, where units were still being sold for older A-mount camera systems.

Sony a7 IV review

The Sony a7 IV is the fourth generation of the company's core a7 full-frame mirrorless camera model, and it's the most advanced yet. Click through for an in-depth look at Sony's latest full-frame mirrorless ILC.

DPReview TV: Flagship mirrorless comparison - Canon EOS R3, Sony a1 and Nikon Z9

Canon, Sony and Nikon all introduced new flagship mirrorless cameras in 2021: the Canon EOS R3, Sony a1, and Nikon Z9. We compare them across several critical areas of performance to see how they stack up.

Sony's support center in Beijing includes more than 250 cameras and 600 lenses

At last year's Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Sony offered a service center in the main press center for the first time. Sony has been showing off it extensive support center in Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, including cleaning and repair services, plus more than 250 cameras and 600 lenses to loan to photographers.

Sony a7 IV vs a7R III: which is the better camera in 2022?

The Sony a7 IV is the company's latest mid-range full-frame mirrorless camera, but it's common to see the older, higher-end a7R III for a lower price. So which makes the better purchase?

Sony gets another exclusive equipment partnership with Canada’s largest news organization, The Canadian Press

Sony has snagged yet another exclusive equipment partnership, this time with Canada's largest news organization, The Canadian Press. The partnership will see the company's photojournalists and videographers supplied with Sony mirrorless cameras and lenses.

Capture One ends its brand-specific versions for Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony cameras

Capture One has announced that it is no longer selling brand-specific versions of Capture One. The company has also revealed plans to offer existing customers the latest version of Capture One Pro.

Slideshow: Student and Youth Shortlist for the annual Sony World Photography Awards

Sony and the World Photography Organization have announced the shortlist for their Student & Youth awards. We've rounded up some of the shortlisted photos into a gallery.

Sony’s flagship a1 camera appears to be using an exclusive IMX610 image sensor

Japanese photo site Digital Camera Life (DC Life) has discovered the sensor inside Sony's flagship a1 camera is the IMX610, a full-frame backside-illuminated sensor that appears to be exclusive to Sony.

DPReview TV: Which Camera Will Survive? Sony a1, Nikon Z9 and Canon R3

A plane crash leaves the mirrorless flagships overexposed to the dynamic range of elements. Will Canon, Nikon & Sony come to their sensors and group together to weather the aberrations ahead, or will they cannibalize one another?

Viltrox's new $199 EF- to E-mount 'smart adapter' has built-in OLED display, full AF/EXIF support and more

The fifth-generation adapter includes a built-in OLED display for showing the focal length, aperture and autofocus mode of the attached lens. It also offers a unique switch for swapping between CDAF and PDAF autofocus modes.

Tamron warns its 20mm, 24mm and 35mm F2.8 primes have AF issues with Sony a7 IV cameras

According to Tamron Japan, the three prime lenses will switch from autofocus to manual focus mode when shooting videos on Sony's full-frame a7 IV camera system.

Sony ceases orders for a7C and a6600, confirms a7 II and a6100 have reached end-of-life

Sony Japan issued a statement confirming it will is no longer accepting orders for its a7C and a6600 mirrorless camera systems, citing issues with procuring parts amidst the global chip shortage.

Gear of the Year 2021: Dale's choice - Sony 14mm F1.8 GM

Editor Dale Baskin picked the Sony 14mm F1.8 GM as his favorite gear of 2021 after using it for a week in Arches National Park. Find out why he thinks it's the Goldilocks of wide angle lenses, and see some great photos of the American southwest along the way.

Sony develops 'world's first stacked CMOS image sensor technology with 2-Layer Transistor Pixels'

The proprietary stacked CMOS sensor design separates the photodiodes from the pixel transistors onto different substrate layers to improve image quality.

Sony a7 IV studio scene: 33MP sensor gives excellent detail but falls behind at high ISO

We've just published our studio scene images from the Sony a7 IV, providing a chance to take a look at how its new 33MP BSI CMOS sensor compares both to its predecessor and to its peers.

Sony adds Animal Eye AF for video to its a7C, ZV-E10 cameras with 2.00 firmware update

The 2.00 firmware updates bring Animal Eye AF to video recording for two of Sony's compact camera systems: the full-frame a7C camera system and the ZV-E10 compact camera system.

Another one bites the dust: Sony suspends orders of its ZV-E10 camera, citing chip shortage

Two weeks after announcing it was cancelling orders for a number of its full-frame and APS-C mirrorless camera systems, Sony Japan has announced it's suspending orders for its ZV-E10 compact camera system.

Qualcomm reveals the three benefits it expects from its partnership with Sony Semiconductor Solutions

During its opening-night keynote presentation at its annual Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm laid out three specific advantages of co-developing a lab with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to push imaging technology further.

You can now pre-order Sony's $9,000 Airpeak S1 professional drone

Sony has announced its first professional drone, the Airpeak S1, is now available to pre-order for $9,000. The first units are expected to ship out on December 24, 2021.

Venus Optics announces the Laowa 85mm F5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO, the world’s smallest 2x macro lens for FF mirrorless cameras

The lens offers a 2x magnification ratio in a compact form factor that weighs around 250g (9oz). It’s available for Canon RF, Leica M, Nikon Z and Sony E mount camera systems.

DPReview TV: Sony a7 IV versus a7 III

The new Sony a7 IV offers a range of updates over the popular a7 III, but at a higher introductory price. Are the new features worth the cost of upgrading? In this week's episode of DPRTV, Chris and Jordan get to the bottom of what makes the two cameras different, and which might be right for you.

Sony is now the official imaging products provider for Gannett's 250 national and local outlets, including USA Today

Gannett, which owns hundreds of national and local news publications in the US, including USA Today, has announced a partnership with Sony to provide its photo and video journalists with Sony camera equipment.

Sony announces new Venice 2 cinema camera: 8.6K internal Raw, 16 stops of dynamic range, interchangeable sensors and more

The Venice 2 takes over the original Venice as Sony's flagship cinema camera. It's available with two different sensor options and is capable of recording internal Raw.

Should you upgrade? New Sony a7 IV vs a7 III

Sony's latest a7-series model is the most capable yet, but also the most expensive. Is it better than the existing a7 III, and if you already shoot with a Mark III, is it worth upgrading?

Tokina releases its atx-m 23mm, 33mm and 56mm F1.4 lenses for Sony E mount cameras

The 23mm, 33mm and 56mm F1.4 prime lenses, which were previously available in Fujifilm X mount, offer full-frame equivalent focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm and 85mm, respectively.

Hands-on with the new Sony a7 IV

The Sony a7 IV incorporates new features and usability enhancements aplenty. We busted out our most autumal sweater in celebration, and got our hands on Sony's latest ILC. Click through for details of key features and our impressions of handling.

Sony just packed a 1” stacked CMOS sensor into the Xperia Pro-I, but there’s a catch

Sony has just announced the Xperia Pro-I, which packs the 1"-type stacked CMOS sensor from the RX100 VII into a smartphone barely bigger than its peers. It only uses ~60% of the imaging area though, and this matters.

Sony Xperia Pro-I sample gallery

We've had our hands on the Sony Xperia Pro-I, which sports a massive (comparatively) 1-inch sensor. Take a look through our preliminary gallery to get a sense for how it handles a variety of situations.

Join us for a live Q&A about the Sony a7 IV

Join us today at 3pm PT (6pm ET) for our first live Twitter Space, where we'll answer all your questions about the new Sony a7 IV. Have a question for the editors or hosts from DPReview TV? This is your chance to ask the experts!

Sony a7 IV sample gallery (DPReview TV)

Chris and Jordan had a lot to say about the Sony a7 IV in their first impressions review. Check out the sample photos they shot with the camera and judge image quality for yourself.

Got questions about the Sony a7 IV? Head to our AMA on Reddit

Do you have any detailed questions you'd like answered about the Sony a7 IV? If so, come and join our AMA thread over on Reddit.

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