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Totality: Watch the iconic 'climber eclipse' photos happen in real time

This video takes you behind the scenes with Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer, as they plan and ultimately capture some of the most iconic images of last week's total solar eclipse.

These guys captured the total solar eclipse from a stratospheric balloon

Watch as the shadow of the moon makes its way across central Oregon in this mind-blowing video captured from a stratospheric balloon.

NASA captured photos and video of the ISS 'photobombing' today's solar eclipse

NASA photo editor Joel Kowsky didn't just capture the solar eclipse from his vantage point in Wyoming, he also managed to capture the ISS buzzing across what remained of the sun.

Shooting the solar eclipse at DPReview headquarters

While most of the DPReview crew put away our cameras and just watched the celestial event, Rishi decided last-minute to hack together a rig and capture a few shots.