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Faded dream: blogger looks back at the failure of the Silicon Film project

In the early days of digital photography a small American company, Imagek, started developing a digital sensor module that could be installed in film SLRs. The idea still generates excitement today, more than ten years after the company (by then named Silicon Film) failed. Photographer and blogger Olivier Duong has taken a look back at the promise and disappointment of the Silicon Film dream.

Silicon Film Strikes Back?

Pre-Photokina 2002: Well, the ongoing saga continues. Silicon Film (also previously known as Imagek) has been in and out of our headlines for at least three years now with their digital film cartridges for 35 mm film cameras. A year after Irvine Sensors a 51% shareholder in Silicon Film suspended operations at the company we discover there may be a new product in the pipeline. Th EFS10-SF features a 10 megapixel sensor has a color LCD monitor and a Compact Flash slot.

Silicon Film - vaporized-ware

Irvine Sensors, a 51% share holder of Silicon Film, has today announced that it is suspending operations at Silicon Film. What started as a rumour, grew into vapour ware, became a product which was demonstrated at PMA 2001 but was simply never attractive and always crippled by storage, battery, environment and sensor size limitations has now turned into vaporized-ware. "The Silicon Film Board has retained special counsel in contemplation of liquidation through bankruptcy proceedings, if immediate financing alternatives are not secured."

Silicon Film's EFS-1 almost ships
Silicon Film Technologies is accepting orders for their EFS-1 Electronic Film System. The EFS-1 is designed to fit into the film compartment of select 35mm SLR cameras and allow the user to capture digital images with no modification to the camera. Deliveries are expected to start in 6 to 8 weeks.
PMA 2001 show report: Section four

PMA 2001 show report: Section four of four. In this section we'll cover the following manufacturers: Samsung, Sandisk, Sanyo, Silicon Film, SiPix, Sony and Toshiba. Products of interest in this section: Sanyo IDC-1000Z, Silicon Film's EFS-1, Sony's DCS-P30, P50 and S75 and Toshiba's PDR-M65. REAL SAMPLE from Silicon Film's EFS-1.

Silicon Film demos EFS-1

PMA 2001: Silicon Film Technologies today conducted the first public demonstration of its Electronic Film System (EFS turns a conventional 35mm SLR into a digital camera) technology to attendees at PMA 2001. They have also now upgraded to a 1.3 million pixel CCD from their original 800k version.

Silicon Film's EFS-1 may become a reality
A piece of technology which has taunted traditional 35mm SLR owners for a long time was the promise of a "digital film" insert for their camera. After a name change and over 18 months Silicon Film have announced that their CMOS digital film with 64MB of RAM will become a reality in this first half of this year. Priced at less than $800 but with a 2.8 focal length multiplier and only compatible with certain cameras...