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How did NASA's Perseverance rover capture its first selfie on Mars with Ingenuity? This is how.

In April, NASA shared a selfie of its Perseverance rover with the Ingenuity helicopter. What may have seemed like a simple selfie was a massive feat of engineering and image processing.

China's Zhurong rover sends back its first images from the Martian surface, including an adorable selfie

The image, which shows the Zhurong Rover and its Tianwen-1 lander in the frame, was captured using a remote camera dropped by the Zhurong rover.

Apple patent shows how you may one day be able to capture 'synthetic group selfies'

The patent shows how a special photo mode within the camera app would allow people to create composited selfies with friends and family.

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir uses Nikon D5 to snap two space selfies

Joining her images of Earth from space are two new selfies from NASA astronaut Jessica Meir captured during a recent ISS spacewalk.

Samsung patents wraparound phone display with unique photography features

Samsung's patent could effectively eliminate the need for front-facing cameras.

Photography project 'Selfie Harm' tasked teens with editing their portraits for social media

British photographer Rankin has teamed up with MTArt Agency to create a poignant series of photos for the VISUAL DIET campaign from M&C Saatchi that showcases what teenagers across the world do get their self portraits Insta-ready for the world.

Newly shared 1900s photo shows early example of a 'selfie'

A photo recently shared on Reddit shows how an early 20th century photography used a mirror to include himself in a family portrait.

ZTE appears to be getting ready to launch smartphone with 32MP front camera

A regulatory filing has revealed a new ZTE device with a 32MP sensor in the front camera.

Study sheds light on selfie deaths from around the world

A team of researchers from the US National Library of Medicine NIH found a total of 259 selfie-related fatalities had occurred between October 2011 and November 2017.

PETA monkey selfie lawsuit lives on, judge rejects attempted settlement

It's the copyright lawsuit that refuses to die. In September 2017, PETA finally settled its monkey selfie lawsuit with photographer David Slater, but the request to dismiss the case has since been rejected by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Smartphone front cameras might soon be placed underneath the display

A new patent by Samsung proposes moving the front camera and other components—such as the earpiece and proximity and ambient light sensors—underneath the screen.

Selfitis, the obsessive taking of selfies, may be a real mental disorder

In 2014, a fake viral article claimed the existence of a new disorder - 'Selfitis,' or the obsessive taking of selfies. Now, there's real research being done on the subject, prompting some to take the prospect of this unproven disorder more seriously.

PETA and David Slater settle copyright lawsuit over monkey selfie

It's finally over. After years of legal back-and-forth, PETA and photographer David Slater have settled their lawsuit over the famous (and infamous) monkey selfie.

PETA is close to settling that ridiculous monkey selfie lawsuit

A years-long legal battle between PETA and UK photographer David Slater over a famous (and infamous) monkey selfie may finally be coming to a close.

Apple patent shows camera system that helps you take better selfies

Apple was just granted a patent for a camera system that prods, coaxes and manipulates users into taking better group and solo selfies.

Panorama selfie goes horribly wrong, leads to viral photo

Need a little comic relief today? How about nightmare fuel? This panorama selfie gone-wrong will provide a little bit of both.

Sony KW1 lets you take selfies in style

Sony's KW1 is a perfume bottle-shaped camera for capturing self-portraits.