Articles tagged "security"

Sony's a7 IV gets anti-forgery crypto signature technology (for commercial purposes)

Sony has announced in-camera forgery-proof photo technology for its a7 IV mirrorless camera. The technology, aimed at corporate users, cryptographically signs images in-camera to detect future pixel modification and tampering.

PSA: Western Digital security issues go beyond the My Book Live series

We recently wrote about a security flaw with Western Digital My Book Live devices. Since then, more details have come out about the vulnerability, which may be more widespread than originally thought.

PSA: If you use a Western Digital My Book Live HDD, disconnect it now

Some Western Digital My Book Live users are reporting complete data loss. Western Digital is advising users of the network-connected external hard drive to disconnect it from the internet immediately.

Adobe pushes critical security updates for Bridge, Photoshop and Prelude

The security update comes on the heels of a report that certain Adobe programs had flaws that could potentially allow for code to be executed on unsuspecting customers' computers.

Security firm warns Android camera vulnerability lets hackers spy on phone owners

The vulnerability is extensive, potentially allowing unauthorized users to gain access to photos, videos, audio, location and more through a little trickery in Google and Samsung's camera apps.

Adobe exposed the account information of nearly 7.5M Creative Cloud users

There were no passwords or payment details revealed in the exposed information, but you'll want to keep an eye out for detailed phishing attempts.

Security firm Check Point shows how ransomware can be installed on Canon cameras

Security firm Check Point has detailed how it managed to hack into a Canon 80D DSLR to install a ransomware that encrypts images on the SD card to prevent them from being viewed.

EyeEm, Fotolog and other photo sites affected by security breach

The data breach we reported on last week did not only affect 500px but a total of 16 websites, including mobile image sharing platform EyeEm, Animoto, Artsy and Fotolog.

500px suffered a data breach in July 2018 that exposed info of all 15M users

Some user information, including names, usernames and email addresses was compromised in the incident.

DJI will set up temporary no-fly zones at the 2018 Olympics

DJI's temporary no-fly zones will cover four cities for the duration of the Games: Pyeongchang, Gangneung, Bongpyeong, and Jeongseon. And if you somehow get around the software, South Korean authorities with security drones are waiting...

Camera makers continue to ignore photojournalist pleas for encryption

In 2016, over 150 professional photojournalists penned an open letter to camera manufacturers begging them to add encryption technology. In 2018, that request doesn't look any closer to reality than it did two years ago.

Canon patents fingerprint reader for cameras and lenses

A recent Canon patent shows a novel—at least for cameras—way to protect your camera from thieves: fingerprint ID. Using this tech, you could 'unlock' your camera by using the fingerprint sensor on either the camera's body or lens.

Film crew arrested for allegedly trying to sneak a 'fake bomb' through airport security

The TSA claims the film crew tried to sneak the device through security while filming the process for a television episode. The crew's production house claims it was actually just 'vacuum compression luggage,' and this is all a big misunderstanding.

DJI adds 'voluntary identification' for drone pilots who want to broadcast their credentials

DJI has just added the option to voluntarily broadcast your drone ID and flight info, so concerned authorities using the company's AeroScope system can see what you're up to without tracking you down first.

Researcher says he was threatened after finding major DJI security flaw

Security researcher Kevin Finisterre found a major security vulnerability in drone maker DJI's servers that gave him access to private user information. But when he reported it to DJI, he claims things got ugly fast.

New Google research thwarts automatic watermark removal

A team of Google researchers have found that slightly warping watermarks when embedding them into images can help prevent automatic removal.

DJI releases offline mode to calm fears over privacy and security

DJI has developed a 'Local Data Mode' that lets pilots fly without being connected to the Internet. The mode should calm recent fears over data privacy and security when flying DJI drones.

Lighthouse security cam knows who you are

Using an RGB camera, night vision, a 3D sensor and of course AI, this home security camera distinguishes between your family, pets and any 'unknown presence.'

High-resolution smartphone cameras may pose security risk

Hackers could use smartphone cameras to view reflections of the screen content in the eyes of the users or even capture fingerprints.