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NASA's InSight lander sends what will likely be its last photos from Mars

NASA's Insight Mars lander has been operational for nearly four years on Mars, far exceeding the original one-year mission duration. However, earlier this year, NASA announced that the mission would be ending due to significant dust buildup on InSight's solar panels.

NASA's Perseverance rover spies surprising piece of ripped thermal blanket on Mars

As part of any mission to Mars, there will be garbage and discarded components. The Perseverance rover recently spotted a piece of trash, a bit of shiny thermal blanket. It's believed to be from Perseverance's landing operation, but it's not clear how it ended up where it did on the red planet.

Video: Curiosity rover captures 360-degree panorama of Mount Sharp on Mars, showing changing landscape

NASA's Curiosity rover is in its ninth year on Mars, and the rover continues to do important scientific work. The rover recently captured a 360-degree panorama of the Mount Sharp area, showing a fascinating landscape and discovering more about the red planet's history.

China shares video of its Zhurong Rover landing on Mars, marking country's first time on Martian surface

China's historic Tianwen-1 mission to Mars is the country's first independent interplanetary mission. As part of the mission, the Zhurong Rover landed on Mars earlier this month. China has published new imagery of the momentous event.

How did NASA's Perseverance rover capture its first selfie on Mars with Ingenuity? This is how.

In April, NASA shared a selfie of its Perseverance rover with the Ingenuity helicopter. What may have seemed like a simple selfie was a massive feat of engineering and image processing.

China's Zhurong rover sends back its first images from the Martian surface, including an adorable selfie

The image, which shows the Zhurong Rover and its Tianwen-1 lander in the frame, was captured using a remote camera dropped by the Zhurong rover.

Mars Curiosity rover sends 'selfie' from its ongoing tour of Mars

Perseverance isn't the only NASA rover on Mars. Curiosity, launched in 2011, continues to explore Mars and recently captured some cool shots, including a 71-shot panoramic selfie.

NASA shares Perseverance's first 360° view of Mars

After landing on Mars on February 18, Perseverance has been busy. In addition to its first images, Perseverance has captured a 360° view of Mars using its pair of onboard 20MP Navcams.

Go on a 4K video tour of Mars with images captured by NASA's Mars rovers

A group of space enthusiasts at ElderFox Documentaries has compiled images from three of NASA's Martian rovers to form a 4K video tour of the red planet.

NASA's InSight lander shares its first photos from the surface of Mars

NASA's InSight lander has transmitted back the first photos it captured from the Martian surface using its 1-megapixel camera.