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What is 32-bit float audio, and why is it a big deal for video creators?

Røde recently introduced the Wireless PRO microphone system, which supports 32-bit float audio recording. Røde isn't the first company to offer this audio tech, but what exactly is it? How does it work, and what does it let you do?

Røde announces $79 VideoMicro II with new design and improved audio capture

Nearly ten years after the first VideoMicro hit the market, Røde is back with a new and improved version.

DPReview TV: DJI Mic vs. Røde Wireless Go II

We test the new DJI Mic wireless system against the well regarded Røde Wireless Go II. Which is the better buy?

3-way wireless microphone test with Rode, Saramonic and Synco dual-transmitter kits

The Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2, Synco G2 A2 and Rode Wireless Go ll offer dual-transmitter kits across a range of prices, and with a range of features to match. Here we test the quality of their audio output, their range and their ability to reject environmental distractions

You can now control the RØDE Wireless Go II system with your Android, iOS device

RØDE has released a pair of updates for its Wireless Go II dual-channel microphone system, adding on-the-go setting changes and the ability to use the system to livestream and podcast.

RØDE’s new $25 Thread Adapter ensures you’re never without the right mounting screw

The Thread Adapter is a simple, innovative solution to ensuring you’re never without a compatible mounting screw in the middle of an assignment.

Looking for a more affordable version of Rode’s Wireless Go II? Mirfak Audio's WE10 Pro kit might be your ticket

Mirfak Audio, a sister company of gimbal manufacturer Moza, has released a dual-channel wireless microphone kit that combines two transmitters with a single receiver to create an all-in-one dual-mic setup.

Rode's new Wireless Go II system now offers dual channel recording, onboard storage and more

Rode has released a new Wireless Go II kit, which comes with three units: a dual channel receiver and two transmitters. The updated kit features improved connectivity, onboard audio recording storage and more.

Rode announces VideoMic NTG, a 'hybrid' microphone with 'broadcast-quality' sound

The VideoMic NTG takes Rode's technology from its 'broadcast-quality' line of NTG microphones and condenses it down into a hotshoe-mountable VideoMic.

Rode's redesigned NTG5 microphone features 'circular acoustic ports' and lightweight design

Rode's new NTG5 professional shotgun microphone uses circular acoustic ports instead of the more traditional linear ports used by other manufacturers. Rode claims this provides, 'natural, uncolored sound.'

Rode announces Lavalier GO microphone for its Wireless GO system

The Lavalier GO is a 4.5mm omnidirectional microphone designed specifically for Rode's ultra-compact Wireless GO system.

Rode's Wireless GO microphone system claims to be 'the world's smallest'

Rode has announced the Wireless GO microphone system, a ridiculously small transmitter and receiver that make it easy to record audio on-the-go.

Rode releases pricing and shipping date for VideoMic Pro+

The long anticipated replacement for the popular Rode VideoMic Pro is almost ready for shipping. The price of the upgraded VideoMic Pro+ will be £290/$300 when it goes on sale in mid-August.