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Sheriff's Office issues public warning over cosplay photo shoot with large fake rifle

A cosplay photo shoot raised concerns on a California beach when a model was seen carrying a rifle around without any indication it wasn't a real gun.

Nikon under fire over rifle scopes designed for 'dangerous game' hunting

Nikon has come under fire from animal welfare groups and some wildlife photographers over its new 'Monarch' line of rifle scopes, designed for game hunting. Marketed as being 'Engineered for Safari' Nikon's Sport Optics division claims that the new Monarch-series scopes are created 'for those seeking dangerous game adventure on the Dark Continent' - an archaic term for Africa. Nikon has manufactured scopes like this for many years, and is not alone (so does Pentax, Leica and others) but the marketing behind its newest Monarch line has caused a degree of anger. Click through for more details.