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Adobe updates Revel cloud-based image service to v1.5

Adobe has announced an update to Revel, its cloud-based storage, editing and browsing service. Available as an app for Mac users and iOS device owners, version 1.5 offers the ability to organize your pictures into photo abums and share these privately with friends and family online in galleries hosted by Adobe. Images can now be captioned and the updated UI includes a 'Library' grid view for easier image browsing. Subscription pricing for the service remains at US $5.99 per month. Revel software is available in Apple's Mac and App Stores.

Adobe announces Carousel - cloud-based image service

Adobe has announced a cloud-based storage, editing and browsing service based around a series of apps called Carousel. Initially available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS, the apps allow users to import their photo libraries, which are then available from any other device running Carousel. Any edits or deletions will also automatically be reflected on the other devices, avoiding storage limitations of the device being used. A series of image enhancement tools and pre-defined 'looks' can be applied. Access to the apps will initially cost $59.99/year or $5.99/month, rising to $99.99/year after an introductory period. Support for Windows and other devices, including Android, will follow in early 2012.