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Kolari Vision's new R5 cooling mod doubles 8K recording time and improves recovery time

Kolari Vision's modification service adds a custom copper heatsink to the camera that redirects heat from the EOS R5's processor to better manage heat dissipation.

Part II: Lensrentals investigates the Canon EOS R5's heat emission

After tearing down the Canon EOS R5, the team at Lensrentals wanted to do further investigation of the camera and test how the camera heats up during 8K video recording. These are their findings.

Canon releases major firmware update for its EOS R6, minor update for the EOS R5

Canon has released a firmware update for its EOS R6 mirrorless camera that claims to improve recording times and address a number of other issues, bringing it more in line with the 1.1 firmware update for the EOS R5.

Canon Japan warns R5, R6 and accessories could ship later than expected due to demand

Canon Japan says pre-orders have 'exceeded expectations' and suggests the EOS R5, EOS R6 and accessories could ship later than expected.