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The Pikon camera is a 3D-printed interchangeable lens camera built around Raspberry Pi

Builder Kevin McAleer has designed the Pikon, a 3D-printed camera built around the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera module. The camera includes a large rear touchscreen and a traditional camera form factor, plus it has an interchangeable lens mount.

3D-printed adapter lets you use Nikon F-mount lenses on Apple’s 1996 QuickTake camera

Designer Brian Benchoff built an adapter to use Nikon F-mount lenses on an Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera. The digital camera, released in 1995, captures 640 x 480-pixel images on a CCD image sensor.

This 3D-printed 163mm F2.5 lens was made for around $15

Pixels and Prisms is a new resource for open-source photography projects. Its first project is a 163mm F2.5 telephoto lens for Canon EF-mount cameras. The project uses around $15 worth of materials and includes fully adjustable focus and aperture mechanisms.

Video: Making a DIY lens using a disposable film camera

Photographer Mathieu Stern loves the strange and unusual. He also enjoys DIY projects. He combined these passions by turning a disposable camera lens into a cheap lens for his mirrorless camera.

Photographer turns the Game Boy Camera into a rangefinder-esque pocket camera

Photographer Christopher Graves took the guts of a Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Pocket to create the most stylish Game Boy Camera ever, complete with a Game Boy button shutter release and a backlit display.

This 3D-printed DIY camera includes interchangeable lenses and sensor

Engineer Gaurav Singh's new open-source interchangeable lens camera includes a swappable image sensor and 3D-printed body.

Video: Watch a photographer adapt his 40mm F2.8 ‘fixed lens’ to his Canon EOS R6

Photographer Ronaldo Carvalho noticed his Olympus Trip 35 film camera was falling apart. So, to make the most of the remaining components, he decided to remove the previously-fixed lens and adapt it to his Canon EOS R6 camera.

Video: DIY project managed to shrink Apple's M1 Mac Mini by 72% through some clever tinkering

Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs has spent the past six months figuring out how he could shrink Apple's Mac Mini. In his latest video, he shares how he did it along every step of the way and shows how much smaller Apple could make its Mac Mini lineup in future generations.

This 16MP autofocus camera module for Raspberry Pi computers will take your DIY project to the next level

Raspberry Pi projects can be a fun, inexpensive way to create your own camera. A new camera module for Raspberry Pi includes a 16MP image sensor and offers autofocus. It's a big step up for Raspberry Pi.

3D-printed adapter & 4x microscope objective offers impressive macro photos for $25

Photographer and creator Nicholas Sherlock has designed a 3D-printed adapter that allows you to attach a 4x microscope objective to a Sony E or Canon EF camera. The total cost of the project is under $25.

Video: Two clever DIY methods to create your own 'Deakinizer' lens

The 'Deakinizer' lens was made and popularized by cinematographer Roger Deakins when he used a modified Arri Macro lens to capture dreamy, tilt-shift like shots for the movie Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

Video: Blasting away a sensor’s Bayer array with a laser and building a DIY Raspberry Pi spectrometer

Les Wright of Les' Lab wanted to build a Raspberry Pi spectrometer. Like most cameras, the CCD image sensor in a Raspberry Pi has a Bayer filter, which works well for traditional imagery. Still, it reduces the sensor's sensitivity to certain wavelengths of light, like IR and UV. So, Les removed the filter using a laser.

Engineering student created an impressive DIY cable cam with AI-powered tracking

Uruguayan engineering student, Maximiliano Palay, created the DIY Cablecam to put all of his engineering background to the test.

Jared Polin is giving away over $92K in photo gear to kick off his ‘Fund a Photographer’ project

Jared Polin has teamed up with Canon, Think Tank Photo, ProGrade Digital and Adobe to build up an initial collection of camera kits to give to teachers and schools in need of photo gear as part of his new ‘Fund a Photographer’ project.

Photographer shares schematics for LIDAR-controlled film digitizer

The inventor says if you already have a 3D printer this medium format film carrier will cost about $100 to make, and will advance each frame into position ready to be photographed. Once made and assembled it should make film copying much quicker and easier.

This DIY camera uses machine learning to tell you what it sees

What if your camera knew what it was looking at? A new Raspberry Pi-based project combines a camera module with machine learning to bring this possibility to life.

NASA translates Milky Way images into sound using sonification

This is the first time the public can experience parts of the Milky Way as sound, a project made possible using the space observations from multiple telescopes.

A DIY solution to adding a mechanical cable release to digital cameras with hotshoes

Is it the most aesthetically-pleasing solution? Probably not, but it gets the job done and does envoke a sense of nostalgia.

NVIDIA's latest AI project is 'face swap' for animals. Kind of...

Useful? Probably not very, for now. But researchers insist that the technology may have practical applications in future.

These are the three winners (and their photos) of the inaugural Leica Women Foto Project Award

Over 600 entries were submitted for the inaugural Leica Women Foto Project Award. We've rounded up a collection of images from the three winning photographers.

Video: How to upcycle old TVs and monitors into a natural-looking light source

Matt, of the YouTube channel DIY Perks, has shared a video showing how old TVs and monitors can be upcycled into natural-looking light that resembles light coming through a window.

DOTMOT Paper Camera project precisely replicates DSLR camera, lens and flash

This one-off paper camera makes for great photos, but won't be making any great photos.

Photography project 'Selfie Harm' tasked teens with editing their portraits for social media

British photographer Rankin has teamed up with MTArt Agency to create a poignant series of photos for the VISUAL DIET campaign from M&C Saatchi that showcases what teenagers across the world do get their self portraits Insta-ready for the world.