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Pretec unveils 666x Compact Flash Cards
Pretec has unveiled the world's first 666x Compact Flash cards with a read/write speed of 100MB/s. According to the company, this is approaching the format's maximum theoretical speed of 133MB/s, and the end of ever-increasing CF card speeds is now in sight. Sporting a rugged body and resistant to shock and impact, they promise to be ten times more durable that other CF cards. The 666x CF cards will start shipping from April, with capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB.
Pretec introduces world's first SDXC card
Two months after the SD Association announced the new SDXC (extended capacity) format , Pretec has unveiled the world's first SDXC card with  a capacity of 32 GB and read/write speed of 50MB/s. Future generations of these cards promise up to 2 Terabytes (2048 GB) of storage capacity and speeds of up to 300MB/s. Currently there are no products compatible with these memory cards.
Pretec releases CFast card with SATA interface
CES 2009: Pretec has introduced a 32GB CFast, the smallest solid-state drive (SSD) to feature a SATA interface. The SATA interface should allow CFast cards, the next-generation devices from the CompactFlash Association, to reach speeds of up to 375MB/s. The 32GB Pretec card is capable of transfer speeds of up to 160MB/s (300% faster than the fastest CF card today), and will be available next month, with a 64GB version to follow soon. There are no cameras at present that accept the CFast format.
Pretec unveils 64GB and 100GB CF Cards
Photokina 2008: Pretec has today introduced the highest capacity and fastest CompactFlash cards in the world. Under the highest capacity come the 64GB and 100GB, 233X CF cards with a read and write speed of 35MB/s. And the 333X CF cards in 32GB and 50 GB capacities have broken the record of the fastest read and write speed with 50 MB/s. Both the cards will start shipping this month.
Pretec introduces first 48 GB CompactFlash
CES 2008: Pretec, which has quite a history of pushing forward flash media capacities, has announced new CompactFlash cards available in sizes up to 48 GB. The speed ratings are also good with 2 - 24 GB cards available in 233x (35 MB/sec) and 1 - 48 GB in super-fast 333x (50 MB/sec). Release dates and pricing are yet to be announced but don't expect the largest cards to be cheap - at least for a while.
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Pretec 16 GB Compact Flash card
Photokina 2006: Pretec has announced its 16 GB Compact Flash card. This announcement clearly aimed to compete with SanDisk who also recently announced a 16 GB Card. Pretec are proud to be the first with high capacities cards such as 3 GB in November 2002 and 6 GB in March 2003.
Pretec 8 GB SD-HC, largest yet
Pretec has today announced the highest capacity SD card to date, their new 8 GB SD-HC. This new card is twice the capacity of cards announced by Panasonic, Toshiba and SanDisk and means that SD cards will soon be available in capacities as high as the largest CompactFlash cards. Pretec's press release doesn't reveal very many details other than compliance with the SD-HC specification (which has a maximum throughput of up to 20 MB/sec; we expect the throughput of this card to be significantly lower). The Pretec 8 GB SD-HC card has a 'sampling price' of $299 and should be in mass production in the last quarter of this year.
Pretec 4GB 133x SD card

Pretec has announced the first 4GB SD in the world. The card is the newest addition of its high speed line of 133X SD cards, which are available in capacities ranging from 256MB to 4GB. It is also the fastest card, with access speeds of up to 20MB/s. It will be available next month priced $699 (approx. €578). The company also announces the availability of 2GB MMC 4.x card (MMC Plus) today. Pretec has slashed the price of its 12GB CompactFlash card by half price, from $9999 to $4999 (approx. €4136).

Pretec 2 GB MMC 4 card

At Computex Taipei today Pretec demonstrated a new 2 GB card which conforms to the new MMC 4 standard and which Pretec are calling the 'World's Fastest Flash Memory Card'. Thanks to the fact that MMC 4 allows for transfer of 4-bits of data in parallel this new card has a quoted write speed of around 18 MB/sec (120X) and a read speed of around 22.5 MB/sec (150X). If verified this card would indeed be far faster than any current flash memory card. The new card is also backwardly compatible with standard SD / MMC devices.

Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900

Riding on the back of news yesterday about dropping flash memory prices Pretec today announced their new range of high capacity Compact Flash cards. These new cards (marked as '80x') will be available as 3 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB and 12 GB. The first three cards (3, 4 & 6 GB) are available in Japan as of today, the larger 12 GB card by the end of the year. Despite lower NAND flash prices these cards are still unbelievably expensive, the 3 GB card is 166,000 YEN ($1,490), the 4 GB card is 207,00 YEN ($1,860), the 6 GB card is 525,000 YEN ($4,700), the 12 GB card is expected to be 1,659,000 YEN ($14,900). Once you get over the price the next question must be would you be willing to put so much data in the trust of one card?

Pretec 80X Cheetah CompactFlash

PMA 2004: Pretec has today announced the world's highest speed CF card with capacities ranging from 256MB to 6GB. The cards have a sustained read speed of 13MB/s and write speed of 12MB/s, Pretec Cheetah series CF card is the highest speed CF card on earth. If using the speed of 150KB/s as 1X performance benchmark, the write speed of Pretec Cheetah CF card is categorized as 80X. Pretec 80X Cheetah CF card will start sampling this month and delivery by the end of March.

Pretec 6GB CF and SD/IO Cards

Pretec has today announced that they will be shipping sample 6GB rugged compact flash cards from next month and mass delivery by end of this year. They will have sustained read speeds of 8MB/sec and write speed of 7MB/sec. A 12GB CF Card is also planned in the 2nd half of next year. They have also announced the Platinum CF Card which has an all metal construction. A number of SD/IO cards, including the SD Camera(SmartCam) with VGA CMOS sensor, the SD Presenter which allows a PocketPC to output VGA, composite, and s-video to a monitor or projector. And lastly the CF Barcode Reader, which can turn a PocketPC into an instant productivity tool for use in inventory control, POS etc.

Exclusive Pretec 1.5 GB and 3.0 GB CF test

Exclusive: Today we received test samples of the largest capacity Compact Flash cards currently available. Pretec recently announced 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 GB Type II CF cards, we have the 1.5 and 3.0 GB for testing. The 1.5 GB can be used in almost any digital camera that supports CF Type II, the 3.0 GB requires a digital camera which supports FAT32 (in our case we tested it with Canon's EOS-1Ds). Performance was up there with some of our faster cards and the 3 GB card appeared to work without any problems on Canon's latest D-SLR. UPDATE: Also works with Kodak Pro Back, Kodak DCS 14n, Canon PowerShot G2 and PowerShot G3.

Pretec announce 1.5, 2 and 3 GB CF cards

COMDEX 2002: Pretec Electronics Corp. has announced three new high capacity Compact Flash cards. Previously their largest capacity had been 640 MB, these new cards widen their range considerably. The 1.5 GB and 3.0 GB are CF Type II, the 2.0 GB is CF Type I. These new cards are all larger than anything else on the market, the 3.0 GB card will no doubt be of special interest to digital SLR photographers whose cameras continue to create larger and larger files as the manufacturers increase resolution year on year.

Pretec announces 640 MB Compact Flash card

PC Expo: Pretec has announced what is now the largest flash memory Compact Flash card (clearly the 1 GB Microdrive is larger, but it is a hard drive device). There's also an "industrial and military grade" version, "Industrial and Military grade 640MB CF card is also available from Pretec. Designed with precision mechanics, and full metal protection, the breakthrough product sustains a wide range ( -40°C~125°C) working temperature and offers ultimate level of new data protection and security features to prevent user's image files, software, crucial data and products from being damaged."

CeBIT: The World's Highest Capacity CompactFlash Card
160 and 320MB CompactFlash from Pretec
Pretec Electronics Corporation, the creator of CompactModem(TM) and Compact I/O(TM) card, will be demonstrating the 160MB CompactFlash(TM) (CF+) card, the highest capacity CompactFlash(TM) memory card available in the world today, at Microsoft Windows CE Developers Conference on June 6-9 at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.