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Can an algorithm price your photos better than you? Zenfolio thinks so

Pricing photos is hard. Zenfolio wants to make it easier with a new data-driven tool, Smart Pricing. The feature uses historical sales data to suggest a price for your product based on genre, business location and more.

Photo portfolio platform Zenfolio acquires website-building platform Format

Zenfolio has announced the acquisition of Format, a popular website-building platform for photographers and other artists. The acquisition further bolsters Zenfolio's ongoing efforts to reinvigorate its business model and position itself a strong option for photographers looking to build a website and run a business.

Zenfolio launches ProSuite plan offering all-in-one solution for professionals

Zenfolio has launched its third new plan of 2021, ProSuite. It's aimed at professional photographers and includes more storage and business management tools than Zenfolio's other new plans, Portfolio and Portfolio Plus.

500px launches portfolio website service for Pro account members

500px offers Pro members a new web-building tool for creating portfolio sites to show off their work beyond the 500px community

The New York Times opens up free applications for its 7th annual portfolio review

The New York Times has opened up applications for its 7th annual portfolio review. Applications are due December 10, 2018, less than a month from now.

Adobe just made it way easier to import Lightroom collections into Adobe Portfolio

If you use Adobe Portfolio, you'll be very happy to hear about the latest update. As of today, you can import both Lightroom collections and new Behance projects directly onto new pages with next-to-no effort.

Portfolio: Michel Lamoller's space and time-bending tautochronos project

In his series 'tautochronos', Berlin-based artist and photographer Michel Lamoller takes multiple pictures of the same scene at different times, before physically combining the prints and using a scalpel to cut through the layers. In doing so, Lamoller's 'layerscapes' offer a vision of time and space that would be impossible in a conventional single exposure. His work is hard to describe in words - click through to read our Q&A and take a look at his work. 

Eyeist serves up portfolio reviews the digital way
We review Eyeist, a relatively new online service for curating photographic collections for use in portfolios, galleries, books, and web sites.
Tap into Mobile Photography: Matt Coch explains his Brooklyn Theory

New York-based photographer Matt Coch shoots and shares his own brand of NYC street photography every single day. We caught up with him recently to take a look at his work. 

Photographers can have lots of different kinds of portfolios. With the advent of Apple's iPad, we can now have app portfolios. This article discusses how to make your very own app portfolio, to advertise your business, garner revenue from app purchasers, or simply show off your photography.