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Film Fridays: Help us pick the best beginner-friendly film SLRs

We're whittling down our list of best film SLRs for beginners and need your input! Vote now to help us decide which of these cameras will go into our buying guide.

The results are in: the most important camera of the 2010s readers' poll

Two runners-up were nearly a tie, but the top camera won by a landslide. Find out which camera DPR readers think was the most important of the last decade.

DPReview TV: The great ultra-wide sunstar shootout

We compared sunstars from eight ultra-wide full frame zoom lenses, including both DSLR and mirrorless lenses, from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sigma, Sony and Tamron. Which one is best? Watch the video and tell us what you think in our reader poll.

Have your say: Most important cameras of the 2010s

There's still time to vote in our readers' poll to find the most important cameras of the 2010s.

Reader poll results: What would you want from Nikon and Canon full-frame mirrorless?

We asked, and thousands of you responded. When Nikon made its development announcement we turned the microphone over to our readers. Here's what you had to say.

Have your say: Best prime lens of 2017

Based on reader interest and preferences, we've rounded up a total of twenty prime lenses that were released in 2017 for your consideration in this poll. Vote now for your favorite!

Have your say: Best prime lens of 2016

Based on reader interest and preferences, we've rounded up a total of twelve prime lenses that were released in 2016 for your consideration in this poll. Vote now

Have your say: Best enthusiast / professional ILC of 2016

2016 was pretty good for high-end ILCs, as we'd expect from a Photokina year. Click through to read more about this year's crop of enthusiast and professional ILCs, and for your chance to vote on which was best. Vote now

Have your say: Best midrange ILC of 2016

A lot of great ILCs were released in 2016, among them several excellent options in the midrange segment. Click through for a refresher on the standout models, and for your chance to vote on which was best. Vote now

Have your say: Best high-end compact of 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year – time to vote for your favorite cameras and lenses in our year-end Readers' Choice Awards. First up: high-end compact cameras. Vote now

Have your say: Best Lens of 2015

By our count, nearly 50 lenses were announced and released in 2015. That's a lot of glass! For the sake of this poll, we've narrowed down the choices to the lenses with the most reader interest.

Have your say: Best High-end ILC of 2015

2015 was a big year for some brands, in terms of high-end ILCs, and a quiet year for others. Still, we saw Sony release second iterations of the company's full frame "R" and "S" cameras, we also saw Canon release the two highest resolution DSLRs to date, in addition to a brand new pro-level system from Leica.

Have your say: Best Consumer ILC of 2015

2015 was a fantastic year for consumer level interchangeable lens cameras, both mirrorless and DSLR. In many ways, the market got significantly more nuanced, with offerings suited to appease many different desires. All of the cameras included in this poll use either APS-C or Micro Four Thirds sized sensors.

Have your say: Best High-end Compact of 2015

High-end compacts come in all shapes and sizes. And while the word 'compact' usually refers to a camera small in size, here we use it to refer to any camera with a non-removable lens. 2015 was ripe with plenty of new and exciting compact cameras, from fixed lens beauties, like the Leica Q, to cameras with crazy reach and equally as impressive image stabilization, like the Nikon P900.

Have your say: Best High-end Compact Camera of 2014

This year saw a number of new cameras released in the high-end compact category, and as well as updated versions of earlier cameras, we also saw brand new products, and - increasingly - a shift to larger sensors as a major differentiator. 2014 was the year that Canon moved to the 1-inch sensor format, and Panasonic even managed to fit a Micro Four Thirds sensor into its LX100. Click through for a reminder of the high-end compacts released in 2014, and a chance to cast your vote for the best. 

Have your say: Best High-end ILC of 2014

2014 was a good year for enthusiast photographers, and saw a range of extremely high-quality DSLRs and mirrorless cameras released from all of the major manufacturers. As well as iterative upgrades to existing cameras, we also saw brand new products from Fujifilm and Samsung, and 4K video made its first appearance in this product class. Click through for a reminder of what was released this year, and cast your vote for the best high-end ILCs of 2014.

Have your say: Best Lens of 2014

A lot more lenses are released every year than cameras, and while we can't use all of them, we know that you - our readers - are avid lens buyers, and have your own opinions about which of the many models released every year are the best. For this poll, we've selected what we think are the standout lenses of 2014 for enthusiast DSLR and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Click through for a chance to vote for your choice of best lens released in 2014.

Have your say: Best Consumer ILC of 2014

Plenty of cameras were released in 2014, among them some very attractive consumer-level interchangeable lens cameras. Among the mirrorless and DSLR models in this class released in 2014 were a new Panasonic GM - the almost impossibly-small DMC-GM5, the very highly-specc'd Nikon D3300 and the awfully flashy (literally) Pentax K-S1. Click through for a reminder of what was released in this class this year, and for a chance to cast your vote for your favorite products. 

Post-Photokina polls - Tell us what you think

We're planning some post-Photokina content and wanted to understand what you're thinking. We've created two polls, both looking for your take on the products and trends of Photokina. Let your voice be heard. Cast your vote

Which is the best of the best? Vote for your product of the year

Last month you voted for the best gear in five categories, and now's your chance to let us know which of the winning products was the most impressive. With almost 30,000 votes cast already we know that you've got plenty of opinions about which cameras and lenses stood out, but we want more! We want to know which one you thought was the absolute best. Click through for a look at the category winners from our five classes, and a chance to cast your vote!

Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013

Several new DSLRs were announced in 2013, even as mirrorless cameras nipped at their heels in the entry-level and enthusiast segment of the market. Among the new DSLRs released this year were a handful of iterative updates to existing models, but also some all-new contenders, including Canon's high-tech EOS 70D and Nikon's entirely unconventional (or perhaps that should be entirely traditional) Df. Click through to check out the selection, and cast your vote. 

Have your say: Best Fixed-lens Compact Camera of 2013

2013 saw the release of five cameras in a (relatively) new class, which we're calling 'fixed lens compact cameras'. Specifically, large-sensor fixed-lens compact cameras. Fujifilm's X100S is one of our favorite cameras of the year, addressing many of the faults of its predecessor. Sony followed up on the RX1 from last year with the RX1R, which shares the same 24MP full-frame sensor but minus an AA filter for superior resolution. Meanwhile, both Nikon and Ricoh released APS-C 28mm equivalent cameras, while Sigma's DP3 offers a 75mm equivalent lens. Click through for a chance to cast your vote and decide which is best. 

Have Your Say: Best Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera of 2013

2013 saw a lot of new mirrorless cameras, from minor updates to older models to all-new products like the waterproof Nikon 1 AW1 and the world's first full-frame enthusiast mirrorless cameras with Sony's Alpha A7 and A7R. We've used almost all of this year's crop of mirrorless cameras, published numerous samples galleries, wrote first impressions articles and reviews, but now it's your chance to have your say. What was the best mirrorless interchangeable lens camera of 2013? Click through to cast your vote. 

Have Your Say: Best Enthusiast Zoom Compact of 2013

2013 was a busy year for high-end compact cameras, which saw everything from iterative updates to established lines to brand new options from manufacturers entering this market segment. We've used almost all of them, reviewed a few, and in the process we've taken thousands of pictures and formed plenty of opinions. But now it's your turn - what was the best enthusiast compact camera of 2013? Click through for our selection, and a chance to cast your vote. 

Have Your Say: Best Lens of 2013

A lot of lenses were released in 2013, for a growing number of camera systems. As well as additions to established mounts this year also saw newer systems grow substantially as 'road map' lenses became a reality. We've shot with a lot of this year's most interesting lenses and reviewed some, but we want to know your opinion. What was this year's best lens? We've whittled the selection down to 10, but now it's over to you. Click through for a look at the lenses, and a chance to cast your vote.

Poll: What concerns you most about Adobe's move to subscriptions?

Adobe's decision to move to a subscription-based model for its professional creative software has prompted probably  the most impassioned response we've ever seen to a news story on There's a risk that the sheer volume of comments might prevent a clear message being heard, so we've prepared a poll of the most common complaints, to help establish what your biggest concerns are.

Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012?

Well, hasn't 2012 gone by quickly? We're nearly at the end of another year, and 2012 was one of the busiest that we can remember, as camera manufacturers regained some momentum after the worst of the economic downturn and various natural disasters. This year saw a lot of innovation and movement at the top of the ranges of biggest camera manufacturers, making it a fantastic year for photo enthusiasts and reviewers alike (even if we are completely exhausted at this point). So at the end of an incredibly busy year we want to know which cameras stood out for you. Click through for a link to our end-of-year poll. 

Good response to Microdrive poll

Last week we ran a generic IBM Microdrive satisfaction poll, we had 933 responses and although the majority of the results were in favour of the Microdrive it's clear that not everyone is happy (it's also clear that the newer 1 GB Microdrive is better). Some 77% of 340 MB Microdrive owners and 83% of 1 GB Microdrive owners were happy, however that still leaves a good percentage of people who either had some problems or who thought their Microdrive was terrible.

Quick Poll reveals >32MB most popular

Last week I took a very quick poll on of what size CompactFlash owners of that type of storage owned. Ignoring the supplied with camera 8MB CF cards the majority of owners have cards of more than 32MB.