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Film(ish) Friday: An honest look at the 2nd-generation Pixii M-mount digital rangefinder

It's Film Friday! Well, kind of. Hamish Gill, founder of 35mmc, has written a detailed review of his time with Pixii's second-generation Pixii camera, a 26MP APS-C M-mount camera that offers something of the classic film-era rangefinder experience at half the cost of a digital Leica.

Pixii announces new 26MP version of its APS-C Pixii digital rangefinder camera

In 2018, Pixii announced its first product, the Pixii camera. The 12MP digital rangefinder eschewed a rear display and card slot. Now, Pixii has a new version of its camera, featuring the same design but a different 26MP image sensor.

Pixii's 12MP display-less M-mount rangefinder is now available to order

The Pixii camera is an interesting little rangefinder camera that features a 12MP APS-C sensor and lacks a rear LCD display, opting instead to pair with your mobile device, which can be used to view and transfer images.

Pixii is a display-less digital rangefinder that connects to your smartphone

The Pixii camera uses the display of your mobile device for image review.