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In photos: a bucket-list trip to the Serengeti

The Serengeti is on many-a photographer's bucket list, and for good reason. Resource Travel's Michael Bonocore found out that the scenery and wildlife are every bit as stunning as expected when he visited last year, and has the photos to prove it.

Photos of New York subway from 1977-84

Swiss photographer Willy Spiller's images reveal a city that was more gritty and graffiti-covered than you'll find today.

Air pollution is bad, but can make for interesting photos

Air pollution isn't healthy, but a collection of photos in The Guardian shows that it can make for some impressive images.

Color photos from 1950s Soviet Union bring history to life

Photos and home movies taken by assistant army attaché stationed in Moscow during the 1950s capture everything from Stalin's funeral to everyday life in the Soviet Union.

Take flight over Australia: aerial photos by Scott McCook

Australian photographer Scott McCook gives us some insight into how he goes about capturing amazing aerial scenes. Read more

Google rolls out standalone Photos app with unlimited free storage

Confirming rumors from earlier in the week, Google has announced its new Photos app.

Apple is using its annual Developers' Conference to unveil iOS 8, which includes some interesting refinements to the native Photos app.

With Younity, you have mobile access to all your photos without a cloud storage service.

Gallery app absent from some new Google Play edition devices

The feature-packed Gallery app disappears in favor of the Google+ Photos app.

Google is adding holiday cheer to your photos

Google+'s latest feature will 'Auto Merry' your Christmas photos.

Rare photos of Rolling Stones emerge from estate sale

Photos of the Rolling Stones are not hard to find, but the majority of images from the height of the band's career consist of on-stage performances and posed publicity shots. That's why a stack of photos uncovered at a Southern California estate sale have attracted a lot of attention recently. See gallery

Hands-on: Tadaa SLR gives your smartphone photos depth of field

A new app from Tadaa attempts to give iPhone photos an SLR feel. 

Twitter makes photos more prominent in feed

Your Twitter feed is now a lot more visual. 

Incredible photos of Earth from the European Space Agency

There's no better view of the earth than the one you get from space. The European Space Agency's mission is to 'find out more about Earth, its immediate space environment, our Solar System and the Universe', and as such, every year it produces thousands of high-resolution images of earth from orbit. Click through for a selection of stunning photographs and links to the ESA's website (which, unlike NASA's US government-funded site, is still online). 

This iOS app wants to keep track of all your photos, no matter what file type they are.

Toshiba announces dual camera smartphone system for post-capture focal control
Is this the next Google Nexus smartphone?

So a Nexus 5 walks into a bar...

More photos surface of alleged Nokia phablet

Leaked photos suggest the 'Lumia 1520 Pureview' camera could simultaneously save 5MP and 16MP images.

Soak in the season with these vivid summer photos

Summer's fast on its way out, something we're acutely aware of in the Pacific Northwest. We're trying to make the most of our sunny days before the clouds and drizzle set in. For a healthy dose of Vitamin D any time of year, take a look at photographer Isac Goulart's sun-soaked images. The Brazilian photographer's colorful beach photos aim to capture the very essence of long summer days. Check them out - and maybe take a few of your own before the weather's gone.

Bolivian airline's demise documented in haunting photos

Photographer Nick Ballon stumbled across the Lloyd Aero Boliviano headquarters on an annual trip to Bolivia. He was captivated by the expansive property and dilapidated buildings he saw, and his curiosity sparked a photo series and collaboration with Bolivian writer Amaru Villanueva Rance. Six months exploring the grounds, talking with employees and researching the long history of the dying airline has resulted in a stunning photo series and a book called Ezekiel 36:36. Click through for a glimpse into the L.A.B. 

Leaked photo allegedly from 20MP Sony Honami

A photo uploaded on Picasa was reportedly taken by Sony's unreleased 'Honami' smartphone.

Instagram briefly removes Windows Phone 8 photos

In an attempt to thwart spam, Instagram accidentally enrages Windows Phone 8 photographers. 

Instagram adds web embed feature

Instagram's new embed feature is available from desktop web browsers.

Photos from unreleased Nokia smartphone found on Flickr

Microsoft Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore posts photos on Flickr from 'Lumia 1020.'

Dropbox for iOS will now let you share multiple photos at once. 

NeroKwik helps you create and share photo collages

NeroKwik lets you access your images from a variety of sources, and is now for Nook too.

London-based artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin receive £30,000 award for their War Primer 2 project. 

iOS, Android and Kindle users can download photos from their digital camera to their mobile devices wirelessly with Eye-Fi's new SD card.

Astro-hobbyist Dave Akerman sends the affordable camera/computer combo up in a weather balloon.

Spy glasses snap sneaky photos at half the price of Google Glass

However, wearing a camera on your face might always be awkward.

App News: Analog Camera comes to iOS, Instagram's Photos of Me goes live, Google asks Windows Phone 8 to remove YouTube app
App news: YouTube on Windows 8, Wikipedia wants smartphone photos, iOS app updates galore
6 apps to swap and share photos from any event

The best apps for collecting and sharing smartphone photos from your next party, wedding or festival.

Get your pictures off your phone and into your life.

Google Glass app takes photos with a wink

App would eliminate the need to audibly dictate image capture.

PICT turns product photos into interactive shopping experiences

Product "tags" allow companies to sell products within social networking sites.

Napa for iOS shares event photos with friends (and no one else)

We speak with the creator of 'not another photo app.'

Contributor Lauren Crabbe was among those taking photos with her smartphone at the finish line. 

Cooliris lets you see all your photos in one app

The photo viewing application now lets you see Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and Google Drive photos in one place.

Breaking out of Instagram's square mold

Some apps don't think it's hip to be square. 

Morpho software aims to improve smartphone photos

New software betters image stabilization and HDR processing, can create a dramatic focal range. 

New device takes photos with a flat, 'fully transparent' polymer sheet

Touch-free interface responds to gestures alone.

New tech can create 'more realistic or enhanced lighting' on mobile photos.

Flickr faux pas makes us wonder: Are images on the web ever really private?

Chris Hadfield posts stunning views of earth's landmarks from space.

The international photo agency will now accept mobile photos on its Live News service.

Dropbox for Android update makes sharing photos easier

Android photographers can now share photos with non-Dropbox users.

Polaroid launching retail stores to print smartphone photos

The photo company wants to introduce a new generation to printed photography.

Video captures 2012 on Twitter

Watch this visual showcase of the images you tweeted in 2012.