Articles tagged "photo-technique"

DPReview TV: Do you still need camera filters for digital photography?

Are camera filters obsolete? Can't we just Photoshop images? Not so fast! We take a look at four filters you still need in your camera bag.

DPReview TV: Take better indoor portraits with natural light

Want to shoot some portraits with great lighting while stuck at home? We show you how – and you probably won't need any new gear to do it!

Photographer uses 'antique' photo technique to illustrate struggles of Native Americans

Shane Balkowitsch is using collodion wet plate photography to link the struggles between tribes and the government both now and 155 years ago.

Shooting the moon: behind the shot with Peter Alessandria

DPReview community member and award-winning photographer Peter Alessandria shares his secrets behind his incredible moon photos. Read more

8 creative tips for shooting waterfalls

Shooting waterfalls can be a tricky proposition, but with these helpful tips you'll be able to shoot stunning images of waterfalls in no time at all. Read more

Use it or lose it: Learning photography keeps your brain fit

Crossword puzzles, sudoku, and listening to classical music won't keep your mind as sharp as you once thought. New research found people who only participated in passive activities such as playing games got little memory benefit. However, learning photography showed significant gains in memory. Read more

Photoshop Gradient Tool: Part 2 - Adjusting Images
Photoshop's Gradient Tool can be used with layer masks for creating both tonal edits and photo composites. Photoshop instructor Jean Miele shows why this largely underused tool should be a part of every power-user’s repertoire.
Evolution of an image
Professional photographer Carsten Krieger takes you through his process of creating a landscape photograph.
The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching
Photoshop guru Jean Miele shares an advanced Photoshop workflow for making skin smooth and radiant, without taking all day to do it.
Gearing Up For An African Safari
Making the most of an African safari tour begins with ensuring you've got the right gear to capture the images you envision. Photographer and tour operator Dallas Dahms shows you how to successfully gear up for your once-in-a-lifetime trip.
Aviation photography offers a great way to expand your portfolio of images with some dynamic shots. In this article, Rob Neil, photographer and editor of Pacific Wings magazine explains the basics for capturing great images of both moving and static aircraft.
Photo Tip: Left of Center
In this installment of the Photo Tip series, learn how to create more dynamic compositions.