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Lens Wars: Episode V - Petzval Strikes Back

A long time ago, on a continent far, far away, it was a dark time for photographers. Available lenses were F16. Exposure times were long and portraits nearly impossible. The evil Lord Talbot ruled the photographic galaxy. But In the icy world of Europe, a group of bold lens designers sought to change all of that...

Roger Cicala: Imaging before photography, Part II – The Aristocrat

Roger Cicala said the second chapter of 'Imaging before photography' would be more fun, but it's not more fun. It's kind of sad, actually. This chapter focuses on Joseph Nicephore Niepce. You may him as the man who took the first photograph. But back in his day people knew him as . . . . . actually they didn't know of him at all, really.

Roger Cicala: Imaging before photography - a history lesson (Part 1)

A decade ago I wrote some articles on the history of photography. Now I'm writing an eBook. Slowly... In the meantime, Barney and I thought we'd post the first chapter here on DPReview to see if anyone would be interested. Anyone other than me and Barney.

This rare 14 karat gold ring doubles as a spy camera

If you think the digital camera packed inside your smartphone is impressive, check out this 14 karat gold ring that doubles as a spy cam, complete with adjustable aperture and mechanical shutter.

1969 US Geological Survey photo of a massive lava 'bubble' goes viral

49 years after it was taken, this photo of a 50-70 meter tall lava 'bubble' captured during a 5-year-long eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is spreading across the internet like wildfire thanks to a #ThrowbackThursday tweet by the US Geological Survey.