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Just what is an X-H, and what does Fujifilm's new flagship tell us about an X-T5?

As Fujifilm's latest flagship heaves into view, it re-opens the mystery of just what the X-H line represents, and what it means for the X-T series.

Do Canon, Fujifilm and Sony's launches point to a new future for APS-C?

Canon, Fujifilm and Sony have announced APS-C cameras and lenses within a few days of each other. Does this point to a bright new dawn for the format, or is it simply coincidence? Richard Butler has thoughts. Because of course he does.

OM System OM-1: An adventurous camera and the right tool for the job

Chris Niccolls of DPReview TV has two passions: cameras and fishing. Both pursuits require the right gear, and the OM System OM-1 might just be the perfect tackle to land that adventure assignment of a lifetime.

Canon EOS R5C: is this the future for hybrid camera interfaces?

Hybrid cameras that shoot both stills and video have been around for years, but haven't always been optimized to support both features. Canon's EOS R5C may be the first one to really get hybrid design right.

Apple still hasn't made a truly 'Pro' M1 Mac – so what's the holdup?

Apple's latest M1 Macs are a great choice for both photo and video editing, but they're a preview of coming attractions - not truly professional machines. Seven months after the introduction of M1, professionals are getting impatient.

Opinion: Ode to the 'happy accident' or why film photographers have more fun

Double-exposures, light leaks, color shifts from aging, misaligned frame advances – these all can be happy accidents. Sometimes the universe adds a gentle touch to your photos, sometimes it takes them away completely. It's all part of the fun of shooting film.

Evolving my camera system for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos

Fourteen months ago, DPReview editor Jeff Keller was supposed to be visiting the Galapagos Islands, but covid quickly changed his plans. In preparation for the trip, he had already planned on upgrading his camera system. Find out what Jeff settled on, and how he reached that decision.

There can be only one: why isn't the EOS R3 an EOS R1?

The more we learn about the Canon EOS R3, the more it looks like a top-end sports camera. So why isn't it called the EOS R1? Richard Butler has been having thoughts again.

Why have cameras and lenses become so expensive?

There's a perception that cameras and lenses are getting more expensive. We had a bit of a dig into the extent to which it's true, and why it's happening.

Scoring explained: Why we think the Fujifilm GFX 100S’ peers are cameras half its price (NOT the Sony a1)

Or: why scoring cameras is so challenging. In this article, Technical Editor Richard Butler muses on why it makes sense to compare both the Fujifilm GFX 100S and the Sony a1 to the Canon EOS R5, yet not to one another.

Opinion: 8K video can be worth the hassle. But not for everyone, and perhaps not for the reasons you might think…

8K delivers four times as much resolution as 4K, but do you need al those pixels? It depends on what you use them for and who's watching.

Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials?

If camera companies want to truly compete with smartphones for relevance, they need to offer models that are as easy to use as a phone, but offer substantially better image quality.

Canon EOS R3: What do we know, and what can it tell us about a future 'EOS-R1'?

Canon has just announced the development of what will be the highest-speed RF-mount camera yet, the EOS R3. It looks like a really interesting camera, but the R3 also points toward something else coming in the future; something even more capable. Here's what we know.

Why the speed of Stacked CMOS is key to Nikon's pro mirrorless camera

Nikon says its professional mirrorless camera will use a Stacked CMOS sensor. We look at why this one statement holds so much promise for the camera's performance.

Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: Should you buy one?

The new Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II are iterative updates but with some meaningful improvements. So should you buy one? That very much depends on what you're considering upgrading from, argues Senior Editor and Z7 owner Barnaby Britton.

'Who am I and what am I doing here?' Introducing Roger Cicala

Meet DPReview's new writer: Roger Cicala, founder of Lensrentals. Be nice – he's doing this for free, for some reason.

Opinion: Camera names are getting ridiculous

Drowning in a sea of 'Mark II's, 'X7's and '7X's, Technical Editor Richard Butler has a plea for manufacturers: please think of some new names.

Here's our wish list for the Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II

We know that Mark II versions of the Z6 and Z7 are on their way, but the question is: what kind of updates and upgrades they will offer? We put our heads together and came up with our wish list.

Dealer's Choice: It's new card time. Is that such a bad thing?

If you buy a new high-end camera, you'll probably have to stock up on new memory cards and card readers – with no guarantee that the format is here to stay. But it's not all bad news.

Opinion: Businesses, especially corporations, should pay to use your photos

Have you ever been approached through social media, or even your own website, by a business or corporation asking for permission to use one of your photos... for free? Here's why that's wrong and how to figure out what to charge.

Nikon might just have made the best entry-level full-framer

The Nikon Z5 can be seen almost a hybrid of the Z50 and Z6. So why is Technical Editor Richard Butler feeling so much more positive about the new camera than he was about its APS-C sibling? The answer comes from studying its rivals.

DPReview TV: What we're hoping to see on the new Sony 'a7S III'

Sony recently confirmed plans to launch a successor to the video-centric a7S II. We don't even know the name of the camera, but Jordan already has a feature wish list for the new 'a7S III' – and it doesn't include 8K.

Will vlogging change your next camera?

The Sony ZV-1 and Panasonic Lumix DC-G100 are the first cameras we've seen that are overtly designed with vlogging in mind – and the changes they represent could have implications for the future of all cameras.

Opinion: The film vs digital debate, settled, once and for all

Here's a fresh take on a classic debate, or why both film and digital are awesome.

Canon AE-1: the gear that changed my (photographic) life, again and again

What makes the Canon AE-1 so special to Editor Dan Bracaglia is its ability to connect him back to the childhood curiosity and excitement that originally made him fall in love with photography.

The gear that changed my (photographic) life: my dad's Nikkormat FT3

The camera that has had the biggest impact on Managing Editor Allison Johnson's photography is one that she used very early on – and eventually owned.

The gear that changed my (photographic) life: the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

Shooting with an unusually capable compact taught Technical Editor Richard Butler the real photographic impact of sensor size and F-number, along with the role math could play in lens design.

Five reasons why Fujifilm probably won't make a full-frame X100

Some photographers have been asking for years for a full-frame version of Fujifilm's popular X100 line. We get it – we want one too. But here's why we think it's unlikely to happen.

Opinion: Stop worrying about new cameras and love the one(s) you've got

Worried about your camera being refreshed by an updated body? Don't be. There are plenty of reasons to appreciate last generation's model.

What does the EOS R5 tell us about Canon's mirrorless plans?

Canon has finally given us a few details about its forthcoming EOS R5, but we can read between the lines a bit to get a clearer picture of where the RF lineup is heading.

Opinion: Film photography has found its feet again

More than a century after its invention, film photography is finding a new life alongside digital imaging, argues Hamish Gill of 35mmc.

Opinion: Fujifilm's decision to omit the headphone jack on the X-T4 is a mistake

The Fujifilm X-T4 is the company's most video-centric model yet, but omitting a headphone jack on the camera shows that Fujifilm still doesn't understand how video shooters work.

Opinion: New rules proposed by the FAA are a threat to drone pilots – including photographers

The FAA recently proposed rules that could impact all drone operators in the US, virtually requiring an internet connection to fly and a requirement to broadcast personally identifying information. Here's what's at stake and how to make your voice heard.

Opinion: Fujifilm X100V - why it feels like a missed opportunity

The X100V is the biggest refresh the series has seen since its inception. But Technical Editor Richard Butler is initially disappointed. Based on his own needs, anyway.

Opinion: Why I'm excited about the D780 and what it means for the future of Nikon

Could the D780 be the final chapter in the D700 saga? If so, DPR's Dan Bracaglia thinks it's a fitting conclusion to an epic series (unlike a popular movie that just debuted).

2019 resolutions revisited: what we hoped for, and what we got

This time last year we say down as a team and came up with a list of new year's resolutions on behalf of the major camera and lens manufacturers. Here's how it all panned out.

2010-2019: The decade in review - technological advancements

Technical Editor Richard Butler takes a look at the technological leaps forward he's seen while covering the industry for the past decade, with autofocus capabilities and video capture leading the way.

2010-2019: The decade in review - the camera industry

Senior Editor Barney Britton reflects on the changes he's witnessed covering the photography industry for the past ten years – a period during which consumer digital photography came of age.

Opinion: I love what the a6x00 series can do but I'm not convinced by the ergonomics

Sony's a6x00 series (especially the most recent ones) are very good cameras. Yet our in-house contrarian, Richard, isn't convinced their design is well matched to any one type of user.

The Sony a6600 is (almost) a great camera for event photographers

Sony's a6600, its high-end APS-C mirrorless camera, has a lot going for it: fast burst speeds, in-body stabilization and a huge battery. But there's one big reason we wouldn't use it for events, and it's something you just won't find in the spec sheet.

Display duality: The Fujifilm X-Pro3 in the California wine country

We took a preproduction Fujifilm X-Pro3 to northern California to see what it's like to use. Turns out, it's okay to dislike the X-Pro3's new hidden LCD - that just means it's not for you.

What the Z50 tells us about Nikon's APS-C strategy

Nikon's Z mount just evolved to include an APS-C product line. So what does this tell us about the company's APS-C strategy?

Opinion: The Nikon Z50 is a good camera, but that may not be enough

Nikon says it made the Z50 for Instagram users, but technical editor Richard Butler finds little evidence of this, which leaves him wondering who's going to buy it.

When fast-ish is fast enough: in praise of F1.8 lenses

Two decades into the 'Digital Century', is there still a need for ultra-fast lenses? Here's why you might be better off with a new F1.8 prime instead.

The a9 II is the camera Sony had to make - but they didn't make it for you

The a9 II is a camera that the average DPReview reader will probably neither need nor buy. And Sony knows it. But that's fine - here's why.

The X-A7 is Fujifilm's first good entry-level mirrorless ILC

After a string of so-so entry-level ILCs, Fujifilm appears to have pulled out all the stops with its new X-A7.

In defense of small smartphones

In a world dominated by increasingly large smartphones, one woman clings to her tiny iPhone SE and cries out for justice.

Mastering Photography: Nature vs. Nurture

Are some people born with a better sense for composition? Are there rules anybody can learn to improve their artistic sense for framing a photo? Seasoned landscape photographer Nigel Danson ponders an age-old question and its implications for photographers.

Here's why I'm not quite ready to let the Pixel 3 replace a dedicated camera

For most of Managing Editor Allison Johnson's photography, smartphones have already replaced a traditional camera. But a recent trip reinforced a couple of key reasons why she's not ready to quite ready to leave the dedicated camera at home – yet.

Open letter to Panasonic: Innovations in manual focus could make Lumix S a winner for cinematographers

Panasonic is well known for including impressive video features on its cameras. In this article, professional cinematographer Jack Lam explains one killer feature the company could add to its S series that would shake up the industry – and it all comes down to manual focus.

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