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Photographer Diane Arbus honored with life-size bronze statue in Central Park

Conceptual artist Gillian Wearing has created a bronze statue of late photographer Diane Arbus for the Public Art Fund in New York City. The life-size statue will be on display in Central Park until summer 2022.

Brooklyn photographer captures neighborhood portraits of hope, unity amidst ‘unprecedented’ isolation

Brooklyn photographer Stephen Lovekin implored his Ditmas Park neighbors to share inspirational messages with the world through their windows.

Video: Typologies of New York City: A Crowdsourced Hyperlapse

Visual artist SamTheCobra crowdsourced hundreds of photos from New York City's most scenic locations to create this mesmerizing hyperlapse video.

NYC's iconic 101 Park Avenue skyscraper was turned into a giant camera last month

Photographer Brendan Barry turned New York City's 101 Park Avenue skyscraper into a massive camera obscura to capture incredible images of the NYC skyline.

The New York Times' massive photo archive is being digitized with Google's help

The New York Times has teamed up with Google to start the process of digitizing more than five million photos stored in a vault nicknamed "the morgue."