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NVIDIA Research creates AI tool to convert series of 2D images into impressive 3D models

Researchers at NVIDIA have created a new inverse rendering pipeline, 3D MoMa. It turns a series of images of a 2D object into a 3D object built upon a triangular mesh, allowing it to be used with a wide range of modeling tools and engines.

NVIDIA Instant NeRF tech converts 2D photos into 3D scenes in the 'blink of an AI'

NVIDIA Research has unveiled its latest AI technology, Instant NeRF. It is faster than previous NeRF models and can turn a series of 2D images into a 3D scene in seconds.

NVIDIA researchers' landmark achievement in machine learning uses multiresolution hash encoding

What took 12 hours of training two years ago can now be achieved using a single off-the-shelf NVIDIA RTX GPU in roughly five seconds. NVIDIA researchers have demonstrated near-instant training of neural graphics primitives using an adaptable multiresolution hash encoding method.

Recapping the latest NVIDIA Research: turning 2D images into 3D models and a new NVIDIA Canvas update

NVIDIA has been busy. Last year, the company unveiled some fascinating AI-powered research projects, including technology for converting text into images and 2D images into 3D models. At CES last week, NVIDIA updated one of its most interesting AI tools and showed off a lot of new, powerful hardware.

NVIDIA Research unveils GauGAN2, a new AI art demo that generates scarily-accurate images from text

In 2019, NVIDIA showed off GauGAN, an AI-powered demo that generates images from sketches. NVIDIA has been training GauGAN since then, and the AI can now respond to semantic prompts.

NVIDIA Canvas is an AI-powered tool that turns your sketches into photorealistic scenes

In early 2019, NVIDIA showed off a new AI project, GauGAN. The tool turned sketches and doodles into photorealistic scenes. Now known as NVIDIA Canvas, the tool is ready for the public, and it promises impressive results.

NVIDIA Research develops a neural network to replace traditional video compression

The AI compression can preserve video quality while using extremely low bandwidth, plus it can rotate the subject and transform them into other characters.

NVIDIA's new GeForce RTX Super GPUs join forces with Intel's 10th generation H-series CPUs in RTX Studio laptop line

NVIDIA's new RTX Studio-branded laptops combine NVIDIA's newest RTX Super GPUs with Intel's latest H-Series CPUs to deliver improved performance for creative professionals on the go.

NVIDIA's latest AI project is 'face swap' for animals. Kind of...

Useful? Probably not very, for now. But researchers insist that the technology may have practical applications in future.

Nvidia Studio will boost the performance of your creative apps

Nvidia has launched a new software and hardware initiative that is aimed at mobile content creators with a need for maximum graphics power.

NVIDIA Research project uses AI to instantly turn drawings into photorealistic images

GauGAN as it's known, can create photorealistic images from basic drawings using the power of artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA researchers create AI that generates photo-realistic portraits

NVIDIA researchers have created an AI that can create realistic portraits on demand using various elements from source images.

NVIDIA researchers develop AI that removes noise from images with incredible accuracy

A groups of researchers from NVIDIA, MIT, and Aalto University have developed an AI capable of removing noise and grain from images with incredible accuracy.

NVIDIA researchers can now turn 30fps video into 240fps slo-mo footage using AI

Researchers at NVIDIA have used artificial intelligence to train a system that's capable of turning standard 30fps video into 240fps slow-mo video with minimal loss in quality.

NVIDIA's content-aware fill uses deep learning to produce incredible results

NVIDIA's Content-Aware Fill competitor is getting better and better. A new demo from shows how the latest version can fill in entire chunks of a person's face, or pieces of an image that are missing, with incredibly realistic results.

This NVIDIA algorithm copies the artistic style of one photo onto another

A group of scientists at Cornell University have created an algorithm that lifts the stylistic characteristics of one picture, and drops them onto a completely different image with startling precision.