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Nixvue Digital Album Lite HDO

Nixvue Systems has today announced the new Digital Album Lite HDO, this new version of the Digital Album product comes without a pre-installed hard disk, instead the buyer can choose to install a 2.5" laptop type hard disk of their choosing. Installation requires only basic PC component knowledge, a screwdrive and pair of scissors. The DA Lite has a high speed USB 2.0 interface and a Compact Flash Type I/II slot. This new low price option is priced at just $199.

Nixvue Visor CD-ROM based storage device

Pre-PMA 2003: Nixvue Systems the manufacturers of the Digital Album and Vista (Visual Storage Album) has today announced a new concept in mobile digital image storage. The Visor is based around a portable CD writer device which can copy images directly from flash memory cards (Compact Flash, SD/MMC, Memory Stick and others) onto CD-R discs. This ia a very interesting device as it allows for safe 'record to archive' capabilities and would be extremely useful on holidays or long trips. The Visor can also playback images on a CD-R to a TV or PC.

Nixvue Vista with RAW support

Nixvue has announced its new firmware version 1.04 (and soon 1.05) for the Vista portable storage / display unit. The new firmware adds support for the display of Nikon RAW (NEF) and Canon RAW (CRW) files on both the internal LCD and connected TV. Other new features include the viewing of EXIF and Histogram information and multiple sub-directory slideshow option.

Just posted! Nixvue Vista review

Just posted! Our exclusive review of Nixvue's Vista 5 - 30 GB portable storage and playback device. The Vista is the latest in line of portable storage devices from Nixvue. Last year we saw them enter the market (and win a DIMA award) with the Digital Album product, unique in that it provide TV playback of images. This year the Vista takes that concept one stage further and provides playback on the device itself, the Vista has a full colour 1.8" LCD Monitor which can be used to operate, browse, magnify and organize images transferred to the device via its built-in CF slot. More details in our review.

Nixvue Vista
The Nixvue Vista is a direct progression from Nixvue's Digital Album product of last year. The Vista is a portable image storage and playback device available in 5, 10, 20 or 30 GB capacities. It is designed to be used by a digital photographer in the field to offload images from a memory card.
Nixvue announce Vista with LCD screen

PMA 2002: Nixvue has today announced their latest generation 'Digital Album' product with the new Vista. The Vista improves on the Digital Album design by having a built in 1.8" colour LCD screen which can be used to review and manipulate images transferred and stored on the unit. Other improvments include direct connection ports along the side of the unit (no need for a 'travel jack'), higher capacity battery for longer life, replacement of the PCMCIA slot with a CF Type II connector (no need for adapters to read CF cards - other media adapters will be available). Connectivity is via USB although USB 2.0, Firewire and Ethernet add-ons are planned. The Vista will be available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 GB capacities.

Used Nixvue Digital Album's available

JOBO Fototechnic, the distributor of the award-winning Nixvue Digital Album in the US and Canada, has a limited number of used/demo Digital Albums available for sale. Members of DPReview are being given advance notice of the availability of these models. These Digital Albums were returned from various media outlets, have the 800mA battery, come complete with everything a new Digital Album ships with, and include the standard one-year parts and labor warranty.

Just posted! Nixvue Digital Album review

Nixvue's Digital Album first made the headlines in December last year. Nixvue themselves had a strong presence at PMA 2001 in February, winning the DIMA award for "Innovative Digital Product". We received a prototype review model shortly after that, but weren't happy enough with it to post a review. After some work by Nixvue we now have our review of a full production Digital Album. The news is good, it does everything it's supposed to, it's easy to use and it has the bonus of being able to display images on a TV.

Steve over at Steves-Digicams has posted his review of Nixvue Systems Digital Album. Steve had this to say "This pocket-sized wonder contains a 10-Gigabyte hard drive with more than enough space to store tens of thousands of high-resolution camera images. The Digital Album will be available for $599 in about a month and will be distributed in the U.S. by the Jobo folks"
Nixvue Digital Album

Thanks to reader JRG for pointing us towards this prototype / pre-production product. The Nixvue Digital Album is similar to the Digital Wallet product we've previously reviewed, however it's smaller, features a 10 GB hard disk and has the ability to work standalone (without a PC), via a remote control you can view images on a TV (Video / S-Video) and/or print directly (has a parallel port). This neat little product is certainly interesting and we'll try to bring you more information as it becomes available.