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Nikon Z 50mm F1.2 S sample gallery

We've taken Nikon's Nikkor 50mm F1.2 S prime lens around the state of Washington to see how it performs wide open, both inside and outdoors. Check out our gallery to see what sort of images it's capable of capturing.

DPReview TV: Nikon Z9 Production Sample Gallery

We've been shooting a Nikon Z9 with version 2.0 firmware, so it's time for another Z9 gallery – this time with downloadable Raw files!

DPReview TV: Nikon Z9 Review

The Nikon Z9 is one of the best cameras we've ever tested. But is it the best of the best? Chris and Jordan have been testing the Z9 with the new 2.0 firmware for a while, and they have the answers.

Nikon Z 100–400mm F4.5–5.6 VR S sample gallery

We took the Nikkor Z 100–400mm F4.5–5.6 VR S for a spin around Oregon and Washington to see what it's capable of when attached to Nikon's Z9 and Z7 cameras. Check out our sample gallery to see how it performs. And, before you ask, yes, there are cat photos.

Nikon announces $730 660GB CFexpress Type B memory card

The 660GB Nikon MC-CF660G CFexpress Type B memory card tops out with read and write speeds of 1,700MBps and 1,500MBps, respectively. It's expected to start shipping in June 2022 for $729.95.

Cosina announces $990 Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2 Aspherical lens for Z-mount cameras

While its design is all new, it takes inspiration from the Sony E-mount Voigtländer APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2 Aspherical lens, which Cosina calls 'the highest performance standard lens in Voigtländer history.'

Nikon Z9 review: a DSLR-like stills/video monster

The Nikon Z9 uses a stacked CMOS sensor to power its first pro-level mirrorless camera. With firmware 2.0 now available, we've reviewed the fast-shooting stills and video camera designed to win-over Nikon's professional DSLR users.

Nikon’s Z9 2.0 firmware adds internal 8K/60p Raw capture, 120Hz EVF upgrade, pre-buffer and more

Nikon has announced a major firmware update for its flagship Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera. Firmware 2.0 adds a series of features including 8K/60 Raw video capture, waveform displays, a 120Hz viewfinder mode, pre-buffer capture and more.

Nikon developing MC-N10 remote grip for Z-mount cameras

Alongside the video enhancements in the Z9's firmware 2.0, Nikon has announced it is developing a rosette mount remote grip that duplicates the on-camera controls, allowing remote control of most camera functions.

Nikon Nikkor Z 28-75mm F2.8 sample gallery

We took the new Nikon 28-75mm F2.8 zoom lens to Baja California for some sun, surf and photos. Check out our sample gallery to see how this fast walkaround lens for Nikon's mirrorless Z system compares.

Nikon says it wants to have 50+ Z-mount lenses on the market by 2025

In its ‘Medium Term Management Plan' Nikon reveals its ambitions for its imaging division for the next three years, revealing its plans to have 50+ Z-mount lenses to market by 2025 as well as its plans to bring Z9 camera tech to more affordable camera bodies.

Video: Steve Perry goes hands-on with the new Nikkor Z 800mm F6.3 VR S lens in Florida

Wildlife photographer and educator Steve Perry spent two days testing out a pre-production model of Nikon's Nikkor Z 800mm F6.3 VR S lens in Florida. To summarize his experience, he created this 21-minute first-look preview video.

Nikon reveals its new $6,500 800mm F6.3 VR S super telephoto lens for Z-mount cameras

This new 800mm F6.3 VR S lens is the longest super telephoto yet for Nikon's Z series cameras and comes in at almost half the weight, and less than half the price, of its 800mm F5.6 F-mount predecessor despite being only 1/3EV darker.

Jared Polin goes hands-on with Nikon's new Nikkor Z 800mm f/6.3 VR PF S lens

Jared Polin, better known as FroKnowsPhoto, has got an early hands-on look at Nikon's forthcoming Nikkor Z 800mm F6.3 PF VR S lens, revealing a (relatively) compact super-telephoto lens for Z-mount cameras.

Nikon Z9 studio scene shows great speed comes at little cost

The Nikon Z9 has impressed us with its speed and autofocus but what's the image quality like? We found there's very little penalty to be paid for the other capabilities the stacked CMOS sensor brings.

Nikon issues warning regarding scam emails from people pretending to be Nikon Press Relations

Nikon has issued a warning that scammers are attempting to impersonate Nikon press relations representatives via email and has provided a list of details you can check for to ensure you don't fall victim to one of the scams.

DPReview TV: Flagship mirrorless comparison - Canon EOS R3, Sony a1 and Nikon Z9

Canon, Sony and Nikon all introduced new flagship mirrorless cameras in 2021: the Canon EOS R3, Sony a1, and Nikon Z9. We compare them across several critical areas of performance to see how they stack up.

Interview: Sports photographer Mark Pain on the new Nikon Z9

Professional sports photographer Mark Pain has been using a Nikon Z9 for some time, inside some of the biggest venues in the UK. We caught up with him recently to get his opinion and insights into Nikon's most important pro camera for at least a decade.

Nikon announces Z 400mm F2.8 TC VR S sports prime lens

Nikon has officially announced the Z 400mm F2.8 TC VR S – a professional telephoto prime lens for the mirrorless Z mount. Click through for more information.

Capture One ends its brand-specific versions for Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony cameras

Capture One has announced that it is no longer selling brand-specific versions of Capture One. The company has also revealed plans to offer existing customers the latest version of Capture One Pro.

Nikon Z fc sample gallery (DPReview TV)

Chris and Jordan from DPReview TV recently published their full review of the Nikon Z fc. Check out their sample gallery, shot in sub-zero Canadian temperatures, to judge image quality from this retro-inspired camera yourself.

DPReview TV: Nikon Z fc review - Did Nikon finally get retro right?

Chris and Jordan ventured into the frigid Canadian winter for their full review of the Nikon Z fc, earning Chris a beard full of ice. The good news? All those old-fashioned dials worked great with mittens. Watch this week's episode to see their verdict on this retro-looking camera.

Nikon more than doubles the dual-format burst performance of the Z9 with 1.10 firmware update

Firmware version 1.10 for the Nikon Z9 increases the burst length of dual-format shooting from three seconds to eight seconds. The update also addresses other bugs found in firmware version 1.00.

Just published: Production sample images from the Nikon Z9 (with Raws)

The arrival of a full production sample of the Nikon Z9 at our Seattle offices just before Christmas last year coincided with a heavy snowfall and extended period of cold weather in the Pacific Northwest. Check out our initial samples. Brrr...

Nikon Z 24-70mm F2.8 S field review

The Nikon Z 24-70mm F2.8 S is an all-rounder fast zoom for Nikon's mirrorless system. With a versatile focal length range and a fast aperture for low light photography and blurry backgrounds, this lens promises sharp imagery and smooth bokeh with minimal aberrations. How does it actually perform? Find out in our full review.

DPReview TV: Which Camera Will Survive? Sony a1, Nikon Z9 and Canon R3

A plane crash leaves the mirrorless flagships overexposed to the dynamic range of elements. Will Canon, Nikon & Sony come to their sensors and group together to weather the aberrations ahead, or will they cannibalize one another?

Hands-on with Nikon Nikkor Z 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 VR S

The Nikon Nikkor Z 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 VR S is a premium telezoom lens for Nikon's full-frame Z mount. Designed with wildlife and sports photographers in mind, the 100-400mm offers a versatile zoom range and impressive close focusing capabilities. Click through to learn more.

Hands-on with Nikon Nikkor Z 24-120mm F4 S

The Nikon Nikkor Z 24-120mm F4 S is a standard zoom lens for the full-frame mirrorless Z mount. We've been shooting with one for a few days, and in this article we'll be providing an overview of Nikon's latest S-series zoom.

Gear of the Year 2021: Barney's choice - Nikon Z9

Senior Editor Barnaby Britton is a fan of extreme low-light imaging - something that the Nikon Z9 makes easy. Click through to learn more about why the Z9 is his favorite camera of 2021.

Nikon Z 24-120mm F4 S sample gallery

Nikon's new Z 24-120mm F4 S is a standard zoom lens for the full-frame mirrorless Z mount, intended to offer a more versatile and cheaper alternative to the high-end Z 24-70mm F2.8 S. We've been shooting with one for a few days - click through to see how it performs.

Techart's new TZG-01 adapter lets you mount Contax G-mount lenses to Nikon Z-mount cameras

Techart's new TZG-01 adapter lets you mount Contax G-mount lenses to Nikon Z-mount mirrorless cameras with complete autofocus support.

Hands-on with new Nikon FTZ II adapter

The new Nikon FTZ II offers no additional functionality compared to the original, but if you've got your eye on a Z9, the new version is the one you'll want to grab. Click through to learn more.

Nikon confirms the first Z9 orders will start shipping on December 23

Nikon has sent an email to Nikon Professional Services members informing them that pre-orders for the Nikon Z9 will start being fulfilled on December 23 for members who have submitted a priority delivery request.

Updated: Nikon Z 40mm F2 sample gallery

We've been continuing to shoot with Nikon's compact, fast-aperture 40mm F2, and as autumn turns to winter here in the Pacific Northwest, we've updated our initial sample gallery with several new images, for your viewing pleasure.

Nikon is licensing intoPIX's TicoRAW technology for 8K/60p Raw video in its Z9 camera

We now know how Nikon is getting 8K/60p Raw video from its Z9 mirrorless camera: through a partnership with intoPIX, whose TicoRAW technology enables resource-efficient Raw image compression.

Just published: More sample images from the Nikon Z9

We recently took delivery of a pre-production sample of the Nikon Z9, and we spent our time with it shooting as much as possible. We've just updated our previously-published gallery of samples with more than 50 new images taken in and around the Pacific Northwest. Click through to take a look.

Venus Optics announces the Laowa 85mm F5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO, the world’s smallest 2x macro lens for FF mirrorless cameras

The lens offers a 2x magnification ratio in a compact form factor that weighs around 250g (9oz). It’s available for Canon RF, Leica M, Nikon Z and Sony E mount camera systems.

Hands-on with the Nikon Z 40mm F2

We've been shooting with the New Nikon Z 40mm F2 for a few days, and in this article we'll provide a brief overview of its key features and handling, along with some first impressions of image quality.

Nikon releases non-'SE' Nikkor Z 28mm F2.8

Nikon has officially released the Nikkor Z 28mm F2.8 - the non 'SE' version of a lens that we've been fans of for a while. The only differences between this version and the previously released 'SE' variant are cosmetic. Click through for more details.

Nifty...forty? Nikon Z 40mm F2 sample gallery

Nikon's compact, fast-aperture 40mm F2 lens for its Z-mount cameras has just landed, and ties the Z 28mm F2.8 as one of Nikon's least-expensive options in the lineup. We've gotten straight to shooting with it around Seattle to see what it can do.

Nikon partners with Nissin, Profoto for future collaboration on speedlights, studio lighting gear

Nikon doesn't specifically mention any future products, but does state the collaboration with Nissin and Profoto will 'increase reliable options for Nikon camera users, expanding possibilities for imaging expression'

Join us for a live Q&A about the Nikon Z9

Want to learn more about the Nikon Z9? Do you have a burning question you haven't seen answered anywhere else? Join us for a live Twitter Space on Thursday, November 11, and be part of the conversation. Click through for details.

Nikon’s new firmware updates for its Z50, Z5, Z6 and Z7 cameras improve AF performance

The four firmware updates bring improved autofocus performance in a number of different shooting modes, as well as support for Nikon's new FTZ II mount adapter and Nikkor Z 24-120mm F4 S lens.

Video: a Retro Review of Nikon's 25-year-old Coolpix 300 'Personal Imaging Assistant'

Gordon Laing is back at it again with another Retro Review. In this episode, Laing goes back 25 years to provide an in-depth overview of Nikon's unique Coolpix 300 camera, which was half compact camera, half PDA.

Shooting experience: The Nikon Z9 is the most DSLR-like mirrorless we've ever seen

The Nikon Z9 offers the kind of features that only a mirrorless camera could provide, yet it's among the most DSLR-like of its peers. In this article, DPReview Reviews Editor Carey Rose explains what this means (and why it's a good thing).

Venus Optics brings 3 Laowa prime lenses, including its wild 24mm F14 Macro Probe lens, to Canon RF and Nikon Z mount cameras

The three lenses aren't new, but the additional options should make it easier to use these niche lenses on Canon and Nikon's mirrorless camera systems.

Nikon interview: 'Z9 will exceed expectations for every genre of photography and video'

On the eve of the Z9 launch, we spoke to Naoyuki Murakami, Executive Fellow and Sector Manager of the Development Sector in Nikon's Imaging Business Unit, to learn more about the new camera, and what it means for Nikon's future.

Nikon announces NX MobileAir and NX Tether apps

Alongside the Nikon Z9 and some new Nikkor Z lenses, Nikon also announced a pair of new apps. NX MobileAir is a workflow and transfer app aimed at pros. NX Tether is a free tethering solution.

Nikon Z9 launch: What Nikon means by 'a D3 moment' (and why it needs one)

Nikon is hoping that the new Z9 represents a 'D3 moment' in the life-cycle of its mirrorless Z-mount lineup. But what does that mean? To explain, we need take a trip down memory lane to 2007 – a time before mirrorless (and hashtags!)

Nikon Z9 pre-production sample gallery (DPReview TV)

Chris and Jordan shot thousands of photos while filming their review of the Nikon Z9. Check out this gallery of their favorite images to see what Nikon's newest flagship camera can deliver.

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