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Apple now lets you permanently turn off Night Mode for iPhone 11, iPhone 12 devices

Until now, you had to manually turn off Night Mode every time you opened the camera app. Now, as of the latest iOS 15 beta, your iPhone 11 (or newer) will remember whether you had it turned on or off.

Apple's 2020 iPhone photography contest seeks best Night mode shots

Apple's latest iPhone photography contest revolves around the iPhone 11 lineup's Night mode feature.

Google explains its Night Sight astrophotography mode in detail

The team behind Google's Night Sight mode has authored a blog post to provide technical detail about the new astrophotography feature.

NeuralCam Night Photo app brings Google-inspired ‘Night Sight’ functionality to iPhones

NeuralCam is a third-party camera app that takes inspiration from Google's AI-powered Night Sight camera feature and brings it to iOS devices.