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5 must-have apps for the Android photographer

Android photographers should pack their virtual camera bag with these apps.

Photographers reveal life inside the notoriously secretive country. 

L.A. Times photographer describes his Oscars GoPro "fail"

Jay L. Clendenin's attempt to make a red carpet feature turned into a lesson on time-lapse photography. 

Last week Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8 version of its Photosynth app. We've tried it out for you.

Instagram concept camera gets closer to materializing in the marketplace.

Muku Labs introduces smartphone lens set

Accessory maker showcases its case/lens combo at Mobile World Congress.

Panasonic says 20-inch, 4K tablet is perfect for photographers

Video released by the electronics manufacturer shows how high-resolution device might benefit photographers. 

Is 'fixabilty' a factor for your next tablet purchase?

See which tablets scored best on's repairability scale. 

Filters range from vintage to futuristic and can be applied during video upload.

Samsung tells us to be ready for Galaxy '4'

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S4 in two weeks.

Live from Mobile World Congress

Updated: We've got our hands on the latest smartphone and tablet tech in Barcelona, Spain.

YotaPhone: Two screens for the price of one

YotaPhone combines a conventional 4.3-inch LCD screen with an E-ink display to create a less battery-hungry smartphone.

Hands-on with the Sony Xperia Z tablet

Sony's new Xperia Z tablet looks like a desirable iPad alternative for Android users.

GIF photo booths could be next party trend

PHHHOTO animates the photo booth. 

Binary pixel sensor tech to boost smartphone image quality

Tech promises better dynamic range and low-light capture for mobile devices.

Adobe's advanced image editor Photoshop Touch is now available for smartphones. 

Social photo sharing giant says 100 million use app monthly.

University puts Android smartphone into orbit

A satellite with a Google Nexus One smartphone was successfully launched into space.

Morpho software aims to improve smartphone photos

New software betters image stabilization and HDR processing, can create a dramatic focal range. 

Hands-on with the Asus Padfone Infinity

From MWC: a closer look at the Asus Padfone Infinity phone/tablet 'transformer.'

New device takes photos with a flat, 'fully transparent' polymer sheet

Touch-free interface responds to gestures alone.

Mozilla to release its own mobile operating system

Firefox OS will debut on Alcatel One Touch Fire smartphone.

DxO tech to boost mobile imagery with better color, steadier video

DxO Labs expands its electronic image stabilization and color correction to smartphones using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors.

Hands-on with the ZTE Grand Memo

We went to ZTE's launch of the Grand Memo at MWC and had a closer look at world's first Snapdragon 800 smartphone.

Sony makes Xperia Tablet Z official worldwide

New 10.1-inch tablet offers up to 64 GB of storage and a 1920x1200p display.

Nokia announces four new smartphones at MWC

The Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 offer Windows Phone 8 OS at affordable price.

Hands-on with the world's fastest smartphone: the Huawei Ascend P2

We have a closer look at Huawei's new high-end smartphone, the Ascend P2.

Samsung launches Note 8.0 tablet

Samsung launches 8-inch Note 8.0 tablet as a direct competitor to Apple's iPad Mini. Update: now with hands-on images.

Kickstarter project promises more accurate results with a diffusion dome for your phone.

Nikon and Microsoft sign Android-based camera patent deal

Move is the latest instance of Microsoft pursuing makers of Android devices.

Chromebook Pixel to debut intelligent photo app

Pixel users will have first go at app that offers instant upload of full-res images to G+ and intelligent selection of your best shot.

New tech can create 'more realistic or enhanced lighting' on mobile photos.

Lion attempts to snack on GoPro camera

Spectacular footage from photographer Chris Bray shows a lion trying to eat a GoPro camera.

Xenon flashes are brighter than LED but not common on super thin mobile devices. 

Google Drive's Android app now allows for view streaming, meanwhile photo navigation will become easier on the browser. 

59% of top brands are on Instagram

More top companies are using Instagram to reach customers. 

Video gives a user perspective of Google's wearable interactive camera.

Videos wanted for International Smartphone Film Festival

The event, hosted in Seoul, South Korea, calls for short smartphone movies from around the world.

3D printing pen lets you build your own sculptures in thin air

The 3Doodler is now available for preorder through Kickstarter.

Nvidia announces high-powered chipset and new mobile photography software

The new tiny quad-core processor for smartphones will run always-on HDR and tap-to-track focus.

Samsung launches Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Camera

Samsung has launched a Wi-Fi only version of its Galaxy Camera.

A new sensor approach, fast F2.0 lens and optical image stabilization make the HTC One 2013's most interesting camera phone so far.

Eurostar makes a tablet for the ladies

The $163.56 device comes in pink and is preloaded with apps for yoga, cooking and shopping.

Sarah Jarrett takes top spot in Mobile Photography Awards

Helen Breznik named runner-up for MPA Photographer/Artist of the Year.


What BlackBerry users' low data consumption may reveal

A new study from Actix reveals BlackBerry users are conservative data consumers -- we look at why.

HTC teases photo of new 'M7' smartphone

The Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest offering will be announced on Tuesday.

10 outstanding mobile photographers named finalists in annual awards

One will be named MPA Photographer/Artist of the Year this Friday.

iPhone 5 ranks fifth in user satisfaction in the U.S.

A poll from OnDevice reveals the iPhone 5 comes up short in U.S. users' eyes.

iPad-controlled product photography: StyleShoots aims to ease process

The StyleShoots rig lights, captures and crops photos for product catalogs.

Crazy Camera app for iOS released

Feed your head with this trippy camera app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.