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Video: Japan Camera Hunter tours Nikon's incredible Tokyo museum

Japan Camera Hunter recently visited the Nikon Museum at Nikon's headquarters in Tokyo. The museum, opened in 2017, showcases Nikon's 100-plus years of history and includes many interesting exhibits for photographers.

Whitney Museum cancels 'Collective Actions' exhibit after backlash

After a backlash, the Whitney Museum in New York is cancelling a planned exhibit of discounted prints from a See in Black charity auction.

British  Museum launches revamped online collections database early with 1.9M images

The content is open to the public but only available for use with a restrictive Creative Commons license.

Nikon F 60th anniversary sale includes a special wristwatch with shutter speed dial

Nikon is celebrating its first SLR, the Nikon F, with a new Nikon Museum sale that includes a limited-edition wristwatch with a dial watch face.

Auschwitz Museum urges visitors to not be disrespectful by taking selfies on the train tracks

The Auschwitz Museum has asked visitors to be more respectful after an upsurge of pictures posted on social media showing people posing on the train tracks that lead to the main gate.

Nikon Museum exhibition showcases 60 rare prototype interchangeable lenses

The Nikon Museum in Shinagawa, Tokyo has an exhibition showing off some of the most rare and unique prototype lenses Nikon ever developed.