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Samsung sees record sales from Galaxy line

Samsung reports record smartphone sales and profits in Q3.

A guide to the Android operating system

Android is one of the two most widely-used operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Read all about it in our guide. 

Simple Photo Tips: Tap to focus

One easy way to improve your photos is to take control of your camera's autofocus selection. And you don't need to buy an app to do it.

Tap into Mobile Photography: Dustin Vaughn-Luma makes the ordinary extraordinary

Dustin Vaughn-Luma shares his unique process.

Connect contest closed - Thank you all for participating!

The Connect contest is now closed, and we are beginning the judging process. Thanks to everyone who participated. We will be announcing the winners soon.

First round of hands-on with Microsoft's Surface tablet has reviewers weighing the good with the bad. 

Software Technique: Basic masking tutorial

Mobile photographer and We Are Juxt member Rebecca Cornwell offers a masking tutorial for the iPhone. 

Samsung Galaxy Note II reviews offer first look at 'phablet'

As initial reviews of Samsung's new hybrid phone/tablet filter in, carriers announce availability.

Last day for our Connect photo contest!

Submit your entry by midnight for a shot at $5,000.

Instagramers: By and for Instagram users

Founder Phil Gonzalez explains Instagramers: a network of users focused on creating local, real-world connections through Instagram.

On a Hipstaroll

Fans of the popular iPhone app Hipstamatic create and moderate weekly combinations via the @hipstaroll feed on Instagram.

Wearable Memoto camera offers another way to 'lifelog'

Memoto records your life in two geotagged photos every minute, and offers mobile apps for reviewing later.


What does the iPad Mini mean for photographers?

iPad Mini's sharp display, portable size, editing power and camera specs make it worth considering for your workflow.

Instagram ad campaign swaps hashtagged pics for shoes

Would you trade an Instagram post for a pair of shoes?

New app offers 'photo school' for $.99

Yanik's Photo School offers iPhone and Android users tips and tricks in app form.

From Business Insider: Smartphone, tech news galore this week

A calendar of events for a big week in the tech world, from Business Insider.

Mobile accessory review: Turtleback iPhone SLR Jacket

“Is it homemade or an actual contraption?” That was the very reasonable question posed to me by a passerby while I was shooting with my iPhone 4S plastered onto the camera end of a Canon EF 70-200mm lf/2.8 IS USM lens, thanks to the iPhone SLR Jacket. 


With a 4.7 inch screen, 8MP camera, fast F2.0 lens and 1080p video recording, the HTC One X packs some impressive camera specs. Read our in-depth review to find out how the native camera performs. 

Lighting is key to any good still life. But it doesn't have to be complex or costly. Got a tablet computer? That may be all the equipment you need.

Sony Nexus X was a hoax, prankster dissects how it was done on Tumblr

Ti Kawamoto offers the 'anatomy of a hoax,' explaining how he faked the Nexus X 'leak.' 

Screen display expert debunks Microsoft Surface claims

PC World report: Expert confirms iPad display sharper than Surface, despite Microsoft claims.

ProCamera update offers ISO control

ProCamera's new update adds more ISO control for low light shooting. 

Instagram dos and don’ts

Take a crash course in the most popular mobile photography social network.

App Review: Picfx for iOS

Can't get enough filters? Picfx offers more than 100 options for that special effect.

Japan only, but HTC's latest is big step for screen display

HTC's Japan-only 'J Butterfly' device boasts 440 pixels per inch. Expect increasing resolution on a phone near you, soon.

Google sends Oct. 29 invites, same day as Windows Phone 8 event

Google sends invites for press event Oct. 29.

EyeEm offers more social image-sharing options

There's more than one social photo-sharing service out there.

Tap into Mobile Photography: Take a ride with Zak Shelhamer

Zak Shelhamer combines natural beauty with inspirational words under @zakshelhamer.

Apple rumored to be preparing to acquire troubled startup Color Labs

According to a report on The Next Web, Apple may be preparing to acquire Color Labs, whose photo-sharing app 'Color' debuted in spring last year. 

dpreview: PQI Air Wi-Fi MicroSD to SD adapter reviewed by DCWatch

From DPReview: A look at a review of the PQI Air Wi-Fi Micro-SD to SD adapter from DCWatch.

WSJ: Complex iPhone 5 design behind shortage

Could iPhone 5 supply shortages be blamed on complicated design?  

Online photo storage service Snapjoy's new app lets you access your entire photo library from your mobile device.

Hipstamatic Paks a punch with add-ons

HipstaPaks refresh your Hipstamatic fun.

Simple Photo Tips: Silhouettes at sunset

Shooting at sunset can be a challenge for any camera's metering system. Take some control over exposure for more dramatic results.

Mobile accessory review: HDHat iHat4

The iHat4 is a wideangle adapter for the Apple iPhone 4/4S which doubles the angle of view of the camera.

Tablet news: Apple sends iPad mini event invites, Microsoft Surface goes on sale

Apple says it has "a little more to show" at an Oct. 23 announcement event, while Microsoft starts pre-orders for the Surface.

Quick Review: Show off your Instagram photos with Flipagram

Flipagram makes video slideshows from Instagram simple.

Don't miss download: GoPro app available for free for iOS

Control your GoPro camera remotely with free app for iOS (coming soon for Android).

Google+ is the home of one of the web's most vibrant photographic communities, include mobilographers.

App review: ProCamera for iOS

ProCamera has been garnering rave reviews for awhile --- but, does it stand up to the hype? Our reviewer gives it a go.

Mashable takes a look at the rise of the smartphone

An entertaining look at how cell phones got smart.

Mobile accessory review: iPro Lens System

The iPro Lens System is being marketed as a high-quality lens system for serious photographers shooting with the iPhone 4/4S. We put it to the test.

A one-track mind: Themed Instagram feeds showcase focused creativity

Some Instagramers focus their feed on just one thing at a time.

Video: Richard Koci Hernandez on the dynamic art of photography

A mobile photographer offers insight into this exciting time in photography.

Quick Review: Mirrorgram is fun with reflections

New app is fun gimmick.

Photo sharing made easy: Two new options

Tumblr and Dropbox offer simple photo sharing solutions.

Quick Review: Duelpic app pits Instagramer against Instagramer

Duelpic for the iPhone could be your latest guilty pleasure.

Apple's iPad mini slated for Oct. 23 announce, reports say

AllThingsD reports an Oct. 23rd reveal date for Apple's shrunken iPad.

Connect with us to win $5,000 through our photo contest

Show us what "connect" means to you for a shot at our $5,000 grand prize.

Mobile Photography Awards seek entries

Top prize is $3,000 for this year's Mobile Photography Awards.

Total: 2041, showing: 1951 – 2000
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