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Photos surface of ZTE’s Nubia Z5

Smartphone fans speculate about Chinese manufacturer’s 13-megapixel smartphone.

Sony’s water-resistant Xperia Advance to come to the U.S.

The Xperia Advance is water resistant and packs a 5-megapixel camera.

BlackBerry 10 to be released on January 30, 2013

RIM’s latest operating system to be unveiled with two new smartphones.

iPhone photography for real tweeters

Bird Photo Booth snaps close ups of fleeting flyers with an iPhone, a wireless trigger and some birdseed.

Quick Review: Swirl your hashtagged images from Instagram and Twitter

App displays images from Twitter and Instagram according to hashtag. 

Another option for connecting your digital camera wirelessly.

The square format image is enjoying a resurgence thanks to apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. Learn how to start using it in your own photography.

Mobile accessory review: Jelly Lenses

Jelly Lenses are self-adhesive lenses for your smartphone. Which of the 14 different varities is worth playing with? 

Photographer Ben Horne captured his own wedding from his bride's perspective.

Blackberry 10 passes U.S. security clearance

Blackberry's latest mobile operating system cleared to run on government phones, but still doesn't have a release date.

Branding with Instagram

How are businesses Insta-branding?

SmugMug looks for Android developers to work on Camera Awesome

Android version of Camera Awesome likely as SmugMug begins search for developers.

Galaxy S3 sales surpass iPhone 4S in third quarter

Samsung sells 18 million Galaxy S3 devices to Apple's 16.2 million iPhone 4S smartphones.

EyeEm app updates with new camera capabilities

Latest update from EyeEm includes new filters and more camera features.

Anton Kawasaki: What 'mobile' means to me

One mobile photographer offers his unique perspective on the genre.

Photo of Obama hug sets Facebook record

Image earns most "likes" ever in history of social network.

Facebook adds photo filters too

Facebook's latest iOS app update includes filters for photos.

NBC creates a map of Instagram’s election photos

Electiongrams maps American voters' Instagram photos.

From Slashgear: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5 in a photo shoot out

Nokia's Lumia 920 promises great photos. Will it deliver?

ProCamera founder shares app's story

Meet Jens Daemgen, founder and chief developer of ProCamera, a pioneer in the iOS photo app scene.

Instagram adds Facebook-style web profiles

Your favorite social photo-sharing app adds web profiles, akin to Facebook. 

Apple boasts iPad sales while Android tablets gain traction

Apple sells 3 million iPads over the weekend, as Android tablets increase market share.

Android’s latest update includes panoramic Photo Sphere feature

Jelly Bean 4.2 takes and maps 360-degree panoramas.

App Review: Camera Awesome for iPad

Camera Awesome was recently updated to fit the iPad; our reviewer takes a look.

For £399, customers in the UK can buy a Galaxy Camera on November 8th.

Microstock photography gets mobile

New services get mobile photographers into the stock photography game.

New York Times reports Twitter to add photo filters

Twitter may be trying to squeeze out Instagram competition by adding photo filters.

Microsoft testing its own smartphone, says WSJ

Is the software giant going to make its own Windows Phone 8 model? 

Instagram love at first 'like'

How Instagram users are hooking up and falling in love.

iPad 4 teardown reveals larger front-facing camera

iFixit finds 1.2MP Facetime HD camera inside the newest iPad -- a significant improvement over the .3MP Facetime camera in the iPad 3. 

#JJ hashtag encourages Instagram photographers

A mobile photography community finds each other with a two-letter hashtag.

3 of every 4 smartphones are Android

136 million Android smartphones shipped worldwide in Q3, most were made by Samsung.  

Which smartphone is best? Try asking your device.

Google Search app will tell you to decide, unlike Siri. 

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest incarnation of Samsung’s hugely successful Galaxy S smartphone line and Samsung’s best-selling smartphone to date. Read our in-depth full review of its 8MP camera here.

Out for Android: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

App offers offers mobile cloud-based photo storage management.

iFixit tears down the iPad Mini: See what's inside Apple's latest offering, and why it got a 2 out of 10 repairability score.

A mobile photography time warp

How long is a long time in the world of mobile photography, a medium of various states of “now”?

Tap into Mobile Photography: It all clicked for Chris Ozer

A jazz pianist changes his tune with a newfound love for photography.

Short film made with 7,500 iPhone images

Photographer uses stop motion to show off a year's worth of mobile images snapped around the world.

From PetaPixel: Documentary compares Instagramer to pro photographer

Film explores the question, "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?"

Five apps for the reluctant iPhone photographer

DSLR 4 life? Even diehards might by swayed by these apps that combine old-school technique with new-school technology.

Writer and mobile photographer Misho Baranovic turned to Instagram to watch the weather story unfold.

What could your smartphone do with a 48-core Intel chip?

Computerworld reports that Intel is working on a 48-core chip for smartphones and tablets.

Photographer Chiun-Kai Shih makes mobile fashionable

Fashion photographer is hip to mobile photography.

New sensor brings better-quality imaging at a lower cost.

Hands on with the Nexus 4, from TechCrunch

TechCrunch shares initial impressions of Google's new Nexus 4. 

The white balance presets in your Android camera app offer an easy way to alter the look and feel of your photographs.

In case you missed it: L.A. Mobile Arts Festival recap video

The 'world's largest' mobile arts festival, summed up in video.

Microsoft celebrates Windows Phone 8 official launch

Microsoft offers insight into its Windows Phone 8 OS at press event.

Hurricane can't stop Google announcements

Nexus 4, 7 and 10  revealed despite press conference cancellation.

Total: 2096, showing: 1951 – 2000
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