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Memoto makers produce 'lifelogging' documentary

Film explores how wearable recording devices may change society.

Founders of Memoto wearable camera capture 10,000 pictures at SXSW

Founders of the GPS-equipped Memoto wearable camera, Martin Kallstrom and Oskar Kalmaru captured around 10,000 photographs at the SXSW music and film festival in Austin, Texas. This wearable square device made headlines when it surpassed its initial Kickstarter funding goal in just 5 hours. The Memoto camera automatically captures two 5MP geotagged photos every minute (one every 30 seconds) and the built-in accelerometer ensures pictures are turned to the correct orientationAll Things Digital has posted an article about the Memoto and its creators - click through for more details and a link to the original feature. 

Lifelogging camera surpasses Kickstarter goals

Memoto has earned 10 times its goal, continues seeking funds for added features.