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NASA's Ingenuity helicopter photographs Perseverance rover's landing wreckage

During its 26th flight on Mars, NASA's Ingenuity helicopter photographed the landing area and debris from the Perseverance rover's successful landing on Mars. The detailed aerial photos will help engineers with future missions to Mars.

China National Space Administration celebrates the Lunar New Year with Tianwen-1 Mars orbiter video

The Tianwen-1 mission is in full swing around Mars. The Tianwen-1 probe is orbiting the red planet while the Zhurong rover explores the Martian surface. To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, the CNSA shared a video of the probe circling Mars.

Video: Curiosity rover captures 360-degree panorama of Mount Sharp on Mars, showing changing landscape

NASA's Curiosity rover is in its ninth year on Mars, and the rover continues to do important scientific work. The rover recently captured a 360-degree panorama of the Mount Sharp area, showing a fascinating landscape and discovering more about the red planet's history.

China shares video of its Zhurong Rover landing on Mars, marking country's first time on Martian surface

China's historic Tianwen-1 mission to Mars is the country's first independent interplanetary mission. As part of the mission, the Zhurong Rover landed on Mars earlier this month. China has published new imagery of the momentous event.

How did NASA's Perseverance rover capture its first selfie on Mars with Ingenuity? This is how.

In April, NASA shared a selfie of its Perseverance rover with the Ingenuity helicopter. What may have seemed like a simple selfie was a massive feat of engineering and image processing.

NASA's Curiosity rover photographs rare shimmering clouds on the Red Planet

Curiosity captured a colorful spectacle earlier this year on Mars. The rover, which has been exploring Mars since 2012, photographed numerous types of clouds on Mars, which is a rare phenomenon on the planet due to its dry, thin atmosphere.

Mars Curiosity rover sends 'selfie' from its ongoing tour of Mars

Perseverance isn't the only NASA rover on Mars. Curiosity, launched in 2011, continues to explore Mars and recently captured some cool shots, including a 71-shot panoramic selfie.

China's Tianwen-1 probe captures incredible HD images of Mars

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) launched its first independent Mars mission last July with the Tianwen-1 probe. After entering Mars' orbit in February, Tianwen-1 has captured highly detailed images of Mars, which have been shared this month by CNSA.

NASA shares Perseverance's first 360° view of Mars

After landing on Mars on February 18, Perseverance has been busy. In addition to its first images, Perseverance has captured a 360° view of Mars using its pair of onboard 20MP Navcams.

Update: NASA's ambitious Perseverance rover lands on Mars and sends back its first images

The Perseverance rover has successfully landed on Mars. The rover is in Jezero Crater, where it will spend its life exploring and analyzing the surface of Mars. The rover quickly sent back its first images.

Video: Astrophotographer  creates stunning global map of Mars

This autumn, Jean-Luc Dauvergne spent six nights at the Pic du Midi Observatory in the French Pyrenees photographing Mars during the recent Mars opposition. He used his images to create a global map of Mars, which he states is the best global map of Mars shot from Earth's surface.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance mission to carry more cameras than any interplanetary mission in history

In total, there will be 25 cameras onboard, including 19 on the Perseverance rover, four on supporting elements and two more on the Ingenuity helicopter.

Go on a 4K video tour of Mars with images captured by NASA's Mars rovers

A group of space enthusiasts at ElderFox Documentaries has compiled images from three of NASA's Martian rovers to form a 4K video tour of the red planet.

NASA Curiosity rover breaks its own record with new 1.8-billion-pixel Mars panorama

The space agency used a different lens to capture this new 650-million-pixel Mars panorama.

Curiosity rover takes high-resolution self-portrait on Mars

While we're stuck down here on earth, NASA's Curiosity rover is currently trundling around on the surface of Mars, mapping the terrain and analyzing rocks. This week, Curiosity took time out from its busy schedule to snap an arms-length self-portrait, showing the rover in situ, in Gale Crater - 140 million miles from home. The composite image is made up of 55 high-resolution images, taken using its MAHLI camera, which is mounted on the end of a robotic arm. Click through for more details and a link to the full-resolution image.

Mars rover camera project manager explains 2MP camera choice

A number of factors led to the use of 2MP sensors in the main imaging cameras used on NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, says the project manager responsible for their development. The slow data rates available for broadcasting images back to Earth and the team's familiarity with that family of sensors played a part, says Malin Space Science Systems' Mike Ravine, but the biggest factor was the specifications being fixed as far back as 2004. Multi-shot panoramas will see the cameras deliver high-res images, he explains, but not the 3D movies Hollywood director James Cameron had wanted.

NASA's Curiosity rover sends back first color images from Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover vehicle, that landed on Mars on August 6th, has sent back its first color images of the planet's dusty yellow/orange landscape. The image was taken with the camera on the rover's still retracted robotic arm, from behind the dust shield designed to protect the camera. The dust shield will be removed, promising better images, once the dust kicked-up by its landing has settled. This camera, known as MAHLI (Mars Hand Lens Imager), is primarily intended for examining close-up items. Still better images should come once the two Mastcams start sending back images.