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Canon says the camera market has 'largely bottomed out,' expects pro and 'advanced amateur' segments to grow

In a recent Q&A session with stakeholders, Canon said it believes 'the camera market has largely bottomed out at its current size' and noted it 'expect[s] the professional and advanced amateur segment to expand further.'

BCN+R data shows that Canon and Sony controlled the Japanese camera market in 2021

BCN Retail (BCN+R) announced the BCN Awards winners, showing how the Japanese camera market shaped up in 2021. The summary shows that Canon and Sony continue to perform well. Are there any surprises in the data?

Update: Questioning the value of 'mass production and mass sales,' Ricoh is looking to take a more direct-to-consumer approach in Japan

In a statement shared on Ricoh Imaging Co's website, company President Noboru Akahane said the company is looking to 'renew its manufacturing and sales structure in Japan on April 1, 2022' and will connect 'with customers using "digital" methods and "studio-style" manufacturing.'

BCN Retail shows Canon catching Sony in the Japanese full-frame MILC market, Nikon stagnant — for now

BCN Retail's latest numbers covering the Japanese domestic market show Canon is hot on the heels of Sony in terms of market share, while Nikon is averaging less than half the market share of both Canon and Sony.

Nikkei reports the digital camera market was down 22% in 2018

Canon might've increased its market share, but overall the digital camera market took quite a nosedive in 2018, according to the latest statistics from Nikkei.

BCN Retail report: Japanese camera market still in decline

Sales data for the fiscal year 2018/19 shows that both unit sales and revenues are in decline for most major manufacturers in the important Japanese market.

Swiss lens manufacturer Irix is expanding into the Japanese market

Lens manufacturer Irix has announced it's expanding its product lineup into the Japanese market.