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Apple announces Self Service Repair parts and tools for M1 MacBook Air, Pro models

In addition to announcing it will sell OEM parts and tools for repairing its new M1-powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, Apple also announced it is expanding the Self Service Repair program to Europe and 'additional Mac models later this year'

Apple announces new M2 chipset, massively updated MacBook Air and M2 13" MacBook Pro

Today, at WWDC 2022, Apple showed off its new M2 chipset and the first two computers it will be available in: a redesigned MacBook Air and a marginally-updated 13" MacBook Pro.

Step aside, Intel: Apple shows off its first Macs powered by its new M1 chipset

At its 'One more thing' virtual keynote, Apple showed off its M1 SoC, the company's first chipset designed specifically for its Mac lineup, which is at the heart of its new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and 13" MacBook Pro computers.

Apple reveals new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard with trackpad, hinge

The company has also refreshed the MacBook Air and Mac mini with faster performance and more storage.

Apple updates its entry-level MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, kills off the MacBook

Apple has made a few updates to its entry-level MacBook Pro and its entire MacBook Air lineup, giving them a much-needed refresh, as minor as it may be.

Apple unveils new 2018 iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and Apple Pencil

Apple, today, announced the latest updates to its iPad and Mac lineup, including a new iPad, Apple Pencil, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini.