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Godox's Lux Senior is a larger, more powerful flash with a retro-inspired design

As the Lux Junior alluded to, Godox is back with a new Lux Senior, which is larger and more powerful with an equally-retro design.

Profoto's new A2 monolight is about the size of a soda can

Profoto's new A2 monolight is extremely compact and lightweight. It's about the size of a soda can and weighs around 770g with its battery and optional stand adapter attached. The 100Ws light is designed to be portable and easy to use.

Nikon partners with Nissin, Profoto for future collaboration on speedlights, studio lighting gear

Nikon doesn't specifically mention any future products, but does state the collaboration with Nissin and Profoto will 'increase reliable options for Nikon camera users, expanding possibilities for imaging expression'

Aptolux launches modular, transforming LED lighting solution for photo and video

Aptolux is a new company formed by videographers to create lighting solutions for videographers. Its first product is the Aptolux MP-1, a modular, transforming LED light that can be as compact as a lunchbox when not being used yet deliver bright, efficient light.

Sony announces two new flash units with improved continuous performance, smarter auto white balance and more

The speedlights bring improved continuous performance and new shooting featured powered by the company's Alpha Lighting System.

Rotolight’s new NEO, AEOS flashes output 16.7 million colors

Rotolight brings RBGWW LEDs to its NEO and AEOS lights, ups the power and gives us a touch screen. They not only output continuous light, but can also flash up to 16.7 million colors.

Prolycht’s Orion 300 FS is a relatively affordable six-color LED studio light

Six-color LED lights not only produce more accurate skin tones across a range of white balance settings but also create a much wider spectrum of color effects too. Such lights used to be only for those with Hollywood budgets, but Prolycht has just brought the price down. We all could be using them soon.

Godox announces V860 III speedlight with modeling light, improved battery and more

Godox has announced the V860 III speedlight (also available as the Flashpoint Zoom Li-on III R2 TTL through Adorama). It includes a modeling light, upgraded battery and more.

Elinchrom announces One, the company's first wireless battery-powered monolight

Following many customer requests, Elinchrom has announced its first battery-powered monolight, the Elinchrom One. The light has 131ws of power and comes equipped with numerous pro-oriented features.

Yongnuo announces updated YN685 II speedlight for Canon and Nikon camera systems

Yongnuo's lighting products have long proven popular for striking a balance between performance and value. The company has announced a revised version of its YN685 speedlight for Canon and Nikon, the YN685 II.

Profoto's new $299 OCF Adapter makes it possible to mount OCF light modifiers to A-series speedlights

The $299 adapter makes it possible to mount Profoto's line of OCF light shaping tools to its A-series line of round-head speedlights.

Profoto updates B10 series flashes for iPhone camera compatibility

The Profot B10 is the first studio flash system that can be used when shooting with an iPhone camera.

Flashpoint announces wireless XPLOR Power 1200 Pro R2 flash, its most powerful flash

Flashpoint, Adorama's house brand for flash products, has announced the XPLOR Power 1200 Pro R2 flash. The wireless flash is the company's most powerful and between the flash head and power pack, it weighs around 17 pounds.

Elinchrom launches ELC 125 and 500 studio strobe lights for preorder

Both models feature a wired design for powering them from a wall outlet or other AC power sources.

DynaLite Lighting company shuttered after 50 years over struggle to remain competitive

DynaLite, the photographic lighting company founded in the 1970s, has been forced to file for bankruptcy and permanently shutter its service.

Paul C. Buff launches LINK 800WS plug-and-play LED flash unit

Paul C. Buff Inc. has finally launched a new product in its flash unit product line with the new 800WS. This portable 800-watt strobe light will be available in Spring 2020.

Elinchrom launches new Rotagrid accessory for its signature Rotalux softbox line

The new Rotagrid modifiers are available for Elinchrom's full range of Rotolux softboxes and offer a 30-degree beam angle.

Lumecube 2.0 comes with a rugged body and redesigned lens with 80 degree beam angle

The Lumecube is an ultra-portable USB-chargeable light for mobile photographers, vloggers and other creatives on the move.

Westcott FJ400 is a sleek 400ws portable flash head with cross-platform radio trigger

The new Westcott battery-powered head has a <1 second recycle time and can be triggered from almost 1000 feet using a controller that works with any camera brand

Kenko's new flash automatically moves its own head for optional bounce lighting

Kenko has produced a flash that works out the best bounce position for your subject and your environment - and adjusts its head automatically.

Godox's new R1 and RF1 lights are compact LED discs that look a little familiar

Something about these seems a little familiar, but we can't quite put our finger on it.

The Lume Cube Panel is a bi-color continuous LED light the size of a smartphone

Lume Cube is straying from its standard form factor with the introduction of PANEL, a bi-color temperature LED light designed to be mounted to a camera's hotshoe.

The Profoto A1X is an upgraded A1 with improved battery life, recycling times and more

Profoto has released the A1X, an upgraded version of its A1 speedlight that features improved battery life, faster recycling times, an updated display and up to 20 channels.