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K-Lens One Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled due to financial issues, backers will be refunded

The light field lens ran in to financial difficulties behind the scenes despite raising almost three times its goal on Kickstarter.

Hands-on with the K-Lens, a light field lens that captures 3D data for post-capture refocusing

K-Lens captures nine images in a single shot—each with a slightly different perspective on the subject —and uses these to determine the depth of objects in the scene. The depth map created makes distance-based editing easy, allows post-capture refocusing and 3D creations

Shoot now, focus later: multi-view lens patent is Sony’s latest foray in to light field photography

Sony's next venture into light field technology could be via an E-mount lens, that might allow photographers to use it on their regular cameras

Apple patent shows it’s working on panoramic light field capture technology

The patent shows how users could capture light field images with depth data to create immersive experiences that can be viewed on mobile devices or head mounted displays.

Google created this rotating 16-GoPro arc to capture light field data for VR

Google has built a fascinating rotating light field VR camera rig using 16 GoPros mounted in an arc. The rig is meant to give viewers "a more realistic sense of presence” within a VR world.

Lytro is officially shutting down

It's official. Light field company Lytro has announced that it is shutting down just one week after TechCrunch reported that Google was planning to buy the company for $40M. But it seems Google is more interested in the company's employees than its light field technology...

Google reportedly to acquire Lytro for $40 million

According to unnamed sources, Google will acquire Lytro's technology and patents, with Lytro employees already having left the company.

Lytro might open source its light-field photo sharing platform

Customer feedback has convinced the makers of the light-field camera to consider open-sourcing the platform it discontinued last week.

Lytro has officially killed off its online sharing platform for light-field images

As Lytro completes its pivot into the professional video market, the Lytro desktop app is now the only tool for interacting with Lytro's light field images off-camera. Bye bye social media support.

Stanford develops extra-wide 4D light field camera... for robots

Researchers at Stanford have revealed a new '4D camera system' built for robots. The system is based on the same light field tech that allowed Lytro cameras to refocus images after they were taken.

US Customs and Border Control looks to light field imaging to help identify drivers

Windshield glare has made facial recognition of border crossers in cars tricky, but Lytro-like cameras might solve the problem.

Lytro poised to forever change filmmaking: debuts Cinema prototype and short film at NAB

Lytro debuted its Cinema prototype, and footage shot with the system, to a packed showroom at NAB 2016. To say we're impressed would be an understatement. Cinema is massive, but the high resolution, low noise capture paired with depth-screening, simulation of F0.3 apertures, and perspective shifts in post mean that Lytro may just be poised to change the face of cinema forever. Read more

Panasonic reportedly developing focus-after-capture technology

According to a recent report, Panasonic is developing a technology for refocusing an image after it's been shot, and will be commercializing the feature sometime in the next year. The technology achieves something similar to Lytro's light field cameras but instead relies on 4K video capture. Read more

Pelican Imaging launches web viewer for its re-focusable images

Pelican Imaging has developed a light field camera that is small enough to fit into mobile devices. The company has released some interactive image samples.

Pelican Imaging releases light field photos from its mobile imaging array

Pelican Imaging has released a set of re-focusable pictures taken with its light field camera for smartphones. Instead of placing an array of microlenses between the sensor and the main lens, Pelican uses an array of main lenses - each with a sensor behind it. Pelican's offering is more suitable for smartphones, and their sample images allow for re-focusing, changing DOF, and shifting perspective. Click through for more details and links to the images.

Light Field Cameras - Focusing on the Future
There's a bright future for light field imaging. Even if early cameras like the Lytro Illum don't have a clear purpose, they're helping bring the possibilities into focus. Photographer Liam McCabe breaks down the technology and talks with leaders in light field technology.
KaleidoCamera teaches your DSLR new light field tricks

A prototype for a new DSLR add-on is poised to bring plenoptic capabilities to consumer cameras. The KaleidoCamera is designed to sit between a standard DSLR's sensor and lens. A diffuser splits light passing through the lens into nine different beams, each passing through a filter before it reaches the camera's sensor. Click through to read on about this prototype's capabilities and potential applications.