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LG launches V30 with super-wide-angle lens and advanced video features

The LG V30's video mode offers manual control over shutter speeds and sound levels, cinematic effect filters and a point zoom function, among other movie-centric features.

LG V30 to feature glass lens and F1.6 aperture, fastest ever on a smartphone

LG's upcoming V30 flagship smartphone hasn't yet launched, but the company has already revealed some juicy details about the phone's camera. Namely, that it will have the fastest aperture in a smartphone yet.

LG G6 scores 84 points in DxOMark testing, lags slightly behind closest rivals

With an overall score of 84 points the LG G6 is on the same level as the iPhone 6s but cannot quite match its rivals in this year's generation of flagship phones.

LG launches G6+ with wireless charging and improved G6 software

The G6+ comes with similar specs as the original G6 but doubles the amount of storage and expands the feature set.

LG G6 camera review

The LG G6 is an improvement over its predecessor G5 in almost every way. Read our full review to see how its dual-cam performed in our test.

LG G6 comes with dual-cam and 18:9 FullVision display

The LG G6 comes with an improved version of the G5's dual-cam and introduces the 18:9 display format to smartphones. 

Rendered images show upcoming LG G6 with dual-cam

Leaked images of the new upcoming LG flagship smartphone a show a sleek modern design that sports a dual-camera. Read more

LG V20 achieves 85 points in DxOMark Mobile testing

The LG V20 features a dual-camera with secondary wide-angle module. In the DxOMark Mobile ranking it shares the 12th position with the Huawei Mate 9. Read more

LG V20 owners report fragile, easily cracked camera glass

Numerous reports have surfaced from LG V20 owners claiming that the glass covering the smartphone's rear camera is easily shattered. Read more

LG V20 comes with dual-cam and stereo sound recording

Thanks to improved video stabilization and high-quality stereo sound recording, the LG V20 looks like the ideal device for mobile videographers. Read more

DxOMark Mobile Report added to our LG G5 review

DxOMark has published its results for the LG G5, and we've added the report to our existing review. The G5 can keep up with the very best in terms of still images, and is not far off the top in video capture either. Read more

LG introduces live-streaming action cam with LTE built-in

Korean electronics manufacturer LG has announced a new action cam that can stream live content to the internet via built-in 3G and LTE connectivity. Learn more

Two in one: LG G5 camera review

The LG G5's unique dual-camera module, an add-on camera grip and plenty of manual control make it an easy recommendation for a mobile photographer. Read more

LG 360 CAM captures spherical images optimized for Google Street View

LG's 360° camera is designed to integrate easily with Google’s Street View app.

LG launches G5 modular smartphone with dual lens and optional camera grip

The LG G5 comes with a range of interesting new camera features.

LG V10 features dual front cam and secondary display

The new LG V10 comes with a couple of unique new features.

LG launches G Pad II 10.1 with 7400mAh battery

LG's G Pad II 10.1 offers a large battery and and interesting reader mode.

LG G4 camera review

The LG G4 boasts Raw image capture and manual control over shooting settings. Read our full review of its imaging capabilities.

LG 4 Beat launches with some G4 camera features

Like the high-end G4 the G4 Beat mid-ranger comes with a color spectrum sensor and laser-assisted AF.

LG G4 puts focus on the camera

LG's new G4 comes with an interesting design and innovative camera features.

Upcoming LG G4 to feature F1.8 aperture and manual camera control

LG has posted a couple of teaser videos for the upcoming G4 device, giving away some information about camera specification.

LG announces G Flex 2 smartphone

The G Flex 2 combines the curved screen of its predecessor with upgraded specifications.

Like its bigger cousin, the G3, the LG G3 Beat comes with a Laser-AF system for faster and more precise focusing.

LG's latest flagship phone comes with an ultra-high-resolution screen and a new type of AF-system in its camera.

LG launches G2 Mini compact smartphone

LG launches a smaller version of its flagship G2 smartphone, the G2 Mini.

LG has launched the LG G Pro 2 in Korea. The global debut of the device is expected at MWC in Barcelona next week.


We have added DxOMark's Mobile Report to our review of the LG G2.

From its Snapdragon 800 processor to its 5.2-inch IPS LCD display, the G2 gives plenty of tech spec to drool over.

We've just posted a gallery of images from LG's latest flagship smartphone, the G2. 

Four phablets to expect this fall

Manufacturers are expected to launch large smartphones and small tablets before the holiday shopping season.

Hands-on with the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet

We look at the LG G2 smartphone's tablet companion, the brand new G Pad 8.3.

LG G2 images are out of this world

LG sent its new G2 into the stratosphere, and other tales of high-flying smartphones.

LG says its new screen 4x better than HD displays

Quad HD screen has 538ppi.

At a release event for LG's G2 smartphone, twenty people were injured trying to win a 13-megapixel G2 smartphone.

Hands-on with the LG G2 smartphone

Our first look at the LG G2 smartphone at the product launch in New York City.

LG delivers 13MP flagship G2 smartphone

LG launches its flagship G2 smartphone featuring a 13MP camera and ultrathin 5.2-inch display.

LG continues Optimus G2 teasers with a window

A new promo photo  shows the Optimus G2's 'QuickWindow' case.

LG claims it's made the world's thinnest smartphone display

What does the tech mean for the future of mobile devices?

LG Optimus G Pro users gain new capture features with upgrade

Value Pack adds new video and photo features for AT&T users.

LG press invite hints at Optimus G sequel

Will LG announce an Optimus G2 at its August 7th event? 

LG unveils new smartphones in its Optimus series

The MWC announcement reveals different Optimus series devices.

Hands-on with the LG Optimus G Pro

We have a closer look at LG's new 5.5-inch 'phablet,' the Optimus G Pro.

LG may have more in store at Mobile World Congress

The South Korean company is poised to announce new products at next week’s event.

LG releases Optimus G Pro in Korea

The 13-megapixel smartphone has a 5.5-inch display screen.

LG Optimus G Pro confirmed in Japan

Japanese carrier NTT DOCOMO announces the LG Optimus G Pro in its new lineup.