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Lensrentals announces purchase programs for used photo & video equipment

Love a camera or lens you're renting from Lensrentals? Now you can purchase it directly and keep it forever. Lensrentals has announced the Keeper and Keeper Test Drive programs, allowing customers to purchase refurbished, graded pre-owned gear directly from Lensrentals.

Roger Cicala: why I don't use an MTF bench to test my own lenses

Lens geek and founder of Lensrentals Roger Cicala explains why even with a world-class testing lab at his disposal he doesn't use it to assess his own personal lenses.

Lensrentals discovers cracked sensor mounts inside some of its Sony a7-series rental fleet

Roger Cicala is back at it again, measuring flange-back distances of Lensrentals' fleet of stills cameras this time. But he wasn't expecting to find this...

C-4 Precision Optics releases $39,000 4.9mm F3.5 Hyper Fisheye lens for Sony E mount

From prank to production, an April Fools' Day lens has come to life. The new C-4 Precision Optics 4.9mm F3.5 Hyper Fisheye lens is real, it's expensive and it can see behind itself.

Lensrentals merges with LensProToGo to create photo and video rental powerhouse

Lensrentals and LensProToGo have joined forces, forming a strategic partnership "to create the strongest photo and video equipment rental company in United States."

This is what happens when a 'weather sealed' camera encounters salt water

Roger Cicala of Lens Rentals shows us what happens when your camera (regardless of brand) takes a swim in salt water... and why 'weather sealed' does NOT mean 'waterproof.'