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Photographer uses forced perspective to make a LEGO Eiffel Tower look like the real thing

Photographer Benedek Lampert took a massive LEGO Eiffel Tower into downtown Budapest to capture a nighttime photograph that made the replica tower look almost as real as its much larger, more metallic Parisian predecessor.

This LEGO Polaroid OneStep camera is one step closer to becoming a reality

LEGO Ideas user Minibrick Productions submitted a functional LEGO Polaroid SX-70 instant camera, and the design proposal has received the required 10,000 supporters. It is now entering a review stage and could, one day, land on store shelves as an official LEGO product.

Video: A cheeky hands-on 'review' of a limited-edition 'Vintage Camera' LEGO set

YouTuber Wizard of Bricks has shared a tongue-in-cheek 'camera review' of a 179-piece LEGO set that builds a Leica-inspired 35mm rangefinder camera.

Iconic 1914 Ur-Leica camera recreated as LEGO could become an actual set

LEGO Ideas user Pandis Pandus has created a LEGO Ur-Leica camera. The camera, released in 1914, could become an actual LEGO set if it gets enough support on LEGO Ideas. The Ur-Leica was the first camera to use the now-standard 35mm format.

Researchers use iPhone 5 camera and LEGO to create affordable high-resolution microscope

Microscopes are expensive. Researchers in Germany hope that their new project that uses scavenged iPhone 5 camera modules and LEGO to create DIY microscopes for students will help make microscopes and science more accessible.

The latest LEGO Collectable Minifigure series includes a UAV operator complete with drone, controller and battle wound

Based on the bandage on the drone operator's face, they might want to reconsider going back to a basic drone safety class.

LEGO Ideas design recreates the iconic Nikon F3 out of plastic bricks

A recent LEGO Ideas submission showcases the iconic Nikon F3 SLR camera as an incredibly detailed LEGO kit featuring more than 500 pieces.

You can now make your Sony a7 III and a7R III cameras look like they're covered in LEGO blocks

A Taiwanese company known for producing skins for Sony products has released what is very likely its most unusual skin to date.

These LEGO Leica M cameras are tiny, blocky versions of iconic rangefinders

Leica has listed a pair of pint-sized LEGO Leica cameras.