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Iomega Screenplay - killer app (not)
Iomega has announced its portable Screenplay device, a $220 unit which features a 60 GB hard disk for storage of multimedia content and can be directly connected to a TV for playback. While primarily aimed at movie playback the Screenplay of course also supports Photo's in JPEG format and so could be used a take anywhere photo album for slideshows etc. The Screenplay connects to your computer via USB 2.0 (for file transfer) and then to your TV via composite or S-video (NTSC or PAL), it also comes with a remote control. However it's still NOT the killer app. I'm thinking of something with nearer 250 GB of storage, is designed to be a 'living room appliance', has LAN and Internet connectivity and features such as direct print ordering. For some whoever the Screenplay may be a handly little device useful for transporting albums of photos for display (and it would need to be made by a household name too).
Iomega Floppy Plus 7-in-1 Card Reader

Iomega has today announced the availability of the new Iomega® Floppy Plus 7-in-1 Card Reader. Iomega’s new host-powered drive is ideal for photographers and mobile users, bundling a convenient 1.44 MB floppy drive with the seamless capability to read and write all of the most common flash media formats. The Iomega Floppy Plus 7-in-1 Card Reader is available now for $59.95 (U.S. suggested retail price).

Iomega 1.5 GB DCT cartridge

Iomega has today announced that it has developed a new 1.5 GB 'Digital Capture Technology' (DCT) platform. DCT is aimed at OEM manufacturers and consists of a cartridge about the size of a half-dollar coin and weighs just 9 g (0.3 oz). DCT platform partners include Fujifilm, Citizen Watch and Texas Instruments. “Existing portable storage solutions in today’s consumer electronics products are too expensive, too slow, too fragile, or too power hungry for the coming generation of mobile devices,” said Werner Heid, president and CEO, Iomega Corporation.

Iomega HDD 60GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive

Iomega have today announced a new 60GB portable hard drive to add to the original 20, 30 and 40GB versions. It is available with either USB 2.0 (backwards compatable to USB 1.1) and Firewire configurations, so connections to both PC's and Macs are covered. It comes bundled with Norton Ghost disaster recovery and Iomega automatic backup software.

Iomega begins to ship 750 MB Zip

Iomega has started to ship the new 750 MB Zip Drive and Disk. The new drive is USB 2.0 (and 1.x) compatible with a maximum transfer rate of 7.5 MB/sec (USB 2.0), a Firewire native drive is due later this year. Iomega claim that the 7.5 MB/sec speed is equivilent to a 50x50x50 CD-RW drive, the advantage of course is that Zip disks act just like mini hard disks and don't need to be re-formatted to be re-written (unlike CD-RW). The new USB 2.0 750 MB Zip Drive should retail for $179.95, the 750 MB disk will be priced at $12.49 (in an 8 pack) which works out at 1.6 cents/MB.

Iomega Peerless 10/20 GB drives (UPDATED)

Iomega has announced it is now shipping its new "Peerless" 10 and 20 GB hard drive system. The system consists of three components, the Interface Module (USB/Firewire), a docking station (they call it the 'Drive') and the disks themselves which come in 10 and 20 GB flavours. Initially aimed at the ability to take disks to and from different places (say home to work) but other Interface Modules are promised in the future (MP3, Car Audio, TV etc.).
UPDATED 29/May/2001: New Images

Iomega adds 1GB Microdrive

Iomega are to add the 1GB Microdrive to their product offerings. They announced last November that they were to offer the 340MB version but there was no mention of the 1GB drive at that time. As with the 340MB drive they are to bundle a Type II PC Card adapter (for an extra $10) and the Iomega Quik Sync 2 software.

Iomega Microdrive next year

Iomega are to Market the IBM Microdrive under the Iomega Brand in 2001. The press release goes on to say that Iomega will bundle the 340MB Microdrive with a Type II PC Card adapter and the Iomega Quik Sync 2 software. Interestingly it looks as though Iomega won't be selling the 512MB or 1GB Microdrives.