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Instagram will soon let you book photographers and other services directly in the app

Business accounts will soon be able to add a booking option to their Instagram profile, allowing potential customers to schedule appointments directly through the app. Read more

Instagram carousel-style posts are finally here for everyone

A feature previously reserved for advertisers, slideshow-style posts with multiple images are finally coming to regular schmoes like us. Read more

Instagram terms and conditions rewritten in simple language for teens

Law firm Schillings was recently tapped by the UK’s Children’s Commission to rewrite Instagram’s Terms and Conditions in simplified, child-friendly language. Read more

Instagram introduces comment-control features

Instagram has announced a number of new features that should make the mobile image sharing platform a more pleasant environment to browse. Read more

Instagram officially launches 'save draft' feature

After months of testing, Instagram has launched a 'save as draft' feature. Learn more

Getty Images and Instagram announce grant winners

Getty Images and Instagram have announced the winners of the second annual Getty Images Instagram Grant, a program founded to support photographers using Instagram to document stories from underrepresented communities around the world. Read more

Instagram is working on iPhone 7-specific features

The new Apple iPhone 7 models were only unveiled yesterday but app developers, such as Instagram, are already hard at work to integrate the new features into their code. Read more

Instagram profiles reveal user depression in new machine learning study

A team from the University of Vermont and Harvard University were able to identify signs of depression based off an Instagram profile’s photos, metadata, and things like facial recognition. Read more

Instagram Stories launch as 'disappearing' photo and video slideshows

Instagram has taken inspiration from Snapchat and launched a new feature called Stories. Read more

Plugin allows direct Instagram posting from Lightroom

A new plugin for Lightroom allows you to add hashtags and captions to your images and post directly to Instagram, without the need for any third-party tools or image transfer to a mobile device. Read more

Study: Instagram interactions declining as user base grows

User interactions on Instagram decreased an overall 33% from the first quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2016, according to analytics company Quintly. Read more

It was only a matter of time... new app turns your Instagram into virtual art gallery

Have you ever wanted to see your photographs on the wall of an art gallery? New app Instamuseum converts any Instagram account into a 3D virtual reality experience, placing images from the feed on the walls of a computer-generated gallery space. Read more 

Instagram begins rolling out reordered feeds to all users

Despite complaints from some users, Instagram is going ahead with its plan to reorder images in users' news feeds. Read more

Instagram introduces business profiles with insights, promoted posts and contact button

Instagram has introduced business profiles, allowing companies or individuals operating as a business to add contact details, promote posts and view insights related to their account. Read more

Instagram gets a new logo, monochrome interface

Instagram has made a significant design change to its logo, and has introduced a monochrome user interface that puts more emphasis on photos. Read more

Instagram is changing its feed to use algorithm

Instagram images won't be displayed in chronological order anymore.

Instagram now supports multi-account use

You can now use the Instagram app on your device with more than one account.

Instagram's Boomerang app creates animated-GIF-like video loops

After last year's Hyperlapse Instagram has launched its second 'special feature app'.

Recipients of Getty Images Instagram Grant announced

The three recipients were selected from more than 1200 submissions.

Outside of the box: Instagram now allows landscape and portrait formats

In a surprise move, Instagram has done away with its limitation to square format.

Pete Ashton's 'Sitting In Stagram' shows image degradation after 90 reposts

What happens when you screen-cap and re-post a photo to Instagram 90 times? Artist Pete Ashton's 'Sitting In Stagram' project shows just that - and it's not pretty. Read more

Canon PIXMA MG3620 can print photos directly from social networks

Canon has introduced a new printer that can print images directly from Instagram and other social networks. The PIXMA MG3620 Wireless Inkjet all-in-one printer works with the Canon PRINT app for iOS and Android to both access and print from Instagram accounts, as well as other online services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, OneDrive, Evernote, Google Drive, Photobucket, and Dropbox. Read more

Instagram stores higher resolution images

Instagram has increased the size of the images it stores on its servers.

Getty Images announces Instagram Grant

Getty Images has announced a new grant offered in collaboration with Instagram.

Order prints of your Instagram images via Repostage and a hashtag

A new service allows you to order prints by hashtagging your Instagram images.

Instagram launches Layout app for iOS

Instagram has jumped on the collage bandwagon and launched Layout, a stand-alone app for collage creation.

Instagram introduces five new photo filters and management button

The popular photo sharing application has just added five new filters.

Quick Review: Using Iconosquare to manage and grow your Instagram following

Iconosquare aims to help photographers keep tabs on their Instagram following. Find out what it offers and one photographer's impressions on using it.

Netflix is seeking Instagram users to photograph movie locations

Netflix has had an Instagram account for a couple of years now, though it has never been exceptionally active and only occasionally notable. The entertainment service is looking to soon change that, however, by hiring a trio of Instagrammers who will travel the country snapping photos.

Instagram's new Hyperlapse app creates smooth time-lapses from your video footage. 

Version 6 of Instagram for Android and iOS comes with new editing options.

An Instagram user made $15,000 in one day by selling prints of his images.

Instagram has launched a revamped version of its Android app that promises improved usability and speed.

Ringing in the new year: A photographic perspective

All around the world, people are sharing their point of view as they welcome 2014.

See your Instagram year in review with Statigram

The Instagram tracking site Statigram will combine your top 5 photos into a 15-second video.

You can now send private messages on Instagram

With "Instagram Direct," users can send each other photos, videos and text privately. 

Is Instagram getting into the printing game?

Media invite hints that Instagram may be making an analog move.

Check out this stop motion film made from 852 different Instagram users

From a landmark to a subway station, this crowdsourced video takes you on a journey.

What if historical figures had Instagram?

A blog brings history to life with Instagram.

Instagram beta comes to Windows Phone 8

Instagram is now available for Windows Phone 8 users, but it's very basic.

Make Instagram ads disappear with 6tag for Windows Phone 8

6tag for Windows Phone 8 gives you all the features of Instagram without the ads.

Here's what ads on Instagram will look like

Instagram ads will be rolling out in the next couple weeks.

Instagram coming to Windows Phone 8 (finally)

Nokia announced Instagram and other apps coming to Windows Phone 8.

Marco Bohr investigates 'hipster photography'

What is 'hipster photography'? Photographer Marco Bohr has written a blog post in which he attempts to define 'a new genre of photography which is apparently produced, promoted and disseminated by trend conscious people who are in contemporary visual culture referred to as hipsters'. In his post, Bohr argues there is a distinction between a photograph of hipsters and a photograph by hipsters. He aims to deconstruct these images, and see beyond the thick black-framed glasses, quirky haircuts, and geeky watches. Click through for more details. 

Happy Birthday Instagram! Here are 10 Things that Instagram has done in the past year

Yesterday was Instagram's birthday. We look back on a year of stories about the photo sharing social network.

Instagram updated for iOS 7

Cleaner interface, larger photos among updates.

Instagram to start selling ads in 2014

It's inevitable. Ads are coming to your Instagram feed.

Instagram acquires video sharing app Luma Camera

Will Instagram incorporate Luma Camera's video technology into its app?

App news for photographers: Hueless and Huemore, Windows Phone 8's latest Instagram client, and Oggl news
Instagram cracks down use of its brand name

Prohibits use of 'Insta,' 'Gram' and 'IG' in app names

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