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CIPA's 2022 outlook suggests both camera and lens shipments will slightly decline

CIPA's 2022 forecast suggests total digital camera shipments, by volume, will be down 6.1% year-over-year (YoY). Take out cameras with built-in lenses, however, and the drop is only expected to be 1.1% by volume for interchangeable lens cameras.

CP+ goes online-only as Covid-19 disrupts the Yokohama trade show for the second year in a row

With just two weeks to go Japan's CP+ camera show organizers drop the physical exhibition in favor of an on-line only event.

Sony gets another exclusive equipment partnership with Canada’s largest news organization, The Canadian Press

Sony has snagged yet another exclusive equipment partnership, this time with Canada's largest news organization, The Canadian Press. The partnership will see the company's photojournalists and videographers supplied with Sony mirrorless cameras and lenses.

BCN+R data shows that Canon and Sony controlled the Japanese camera market in 2021

BCN Retail (BCN+R) announced the BCN Awards winners, showing how the Japanese camera market shaped up in 2021. The summary shows that Canon and Sony continue to perform well. Are there any surprises in the data?

Nikon partners with Nissin, Profoto for future collaboration on speedlights, studio lighting gear

Nikon doesn't specifically mention any future products, but does state the collaboration with Nissin and Profoto will 'increase reliable options for Nikon camera users, expanding possibilities for imaging expression'

The brand formerly known as Olympus is now 'OM System' - and it has a new Micro Four Thirds camera on the way

OM Digital Solutions has announced that it's rebranding Olympus imaging- and audio-related equipment under 'OM System'. To celebrate, the company has teased the development of a new Micro Four Thirds camera with an emphasis on 'computational photography technology'. Click through to read more.

August 2021 CIPA data: Demand is (mostly) steady, but production appears affected by global chip shortage

While DSLR cameras continue to trend down and mirrorless cameras continue to trend up, the real issue going into the holiday season appears to be not the lack of demand, but supply, likely due to global chip shortages.

Brendan Schulman, DJI's VP of Policy & Legal Affairs, leaves DJI

After over six years serving as DJI's Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs, Brendan Schulman is leaving the drone maker.

Samsung reveals plans to develop 576MP smartphone sensor by 2025

During a presentation, a Samsung executive revealed the company’s plans to have a 576MP image sensor ready by 2025.

Nikkei: Canon, Sony made up 70% of the digital camera market in 2020

In 2020, Canon had more than double the market share (in units shipped) of Sony, which in turn had nearly double the market share of Nikon. Fujifilm and Panasonic rounded out the top five digital camera manufacturers.

June 2021 CIPA data: Steady shipments despite chip shortages and COVID-19 resurgences

Despite being a year of unknowns, mostly due to the global chip shortage and COVID-19 resurgence, 2021 is proving the be the year of stabilization industry experts believed it would be.

May 2021 CIPA data: the COVID-19 recovery continues with stabilization on the horizon

CIPA's May 2021 data still pales in comparison to shipments in 2019, but the numbers reveal a promising recovery from the COVID-19 downturn and suggest there is an equilibrium for the photo world on the horizon.

Autel's new CEO promises transparency and change for the drone company

Randall Warnas recently left FLIR, as Head of Global Industrial sUAS, to become Autel's new CEO. Recently, the young executive described how he plans to leverage his experience to drive the drone manufacturer's growth.

CIPA's April 2021 data: Shipments are down, but the average price of camera units is steadily increasing

According to CIPA's numbers, there are fewer camera units being shipped around the globe, but the value of the average camera unit being shipped is increasing at a steady pace.

Video: A look inside Sony's Osaka CMOS image sensor development facility

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group has shared a video that shows off its new building, located in Osaka, where CMOS image sensors are designed and developed.

Sekonic celebrates its 70 year anniversary, teases limited-edition light meter

From humble beginnings in Tokyo, Japan back in 1951, Sekonic's light meters, color meters and illuminometers have become staples in the cinema and photo world.

New USB-C version 2.1 spec will more than double power delivery to 240W, up from 100W

Summary: The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced a new USB-C specification (version 2.1) that will more than double the current USB-C power delivery capacity from 100W to 240W.

New York Times unveils prototype system aimed at inspiring confidence in photojournalism

The New York Times and the Content Authenticity Initiative have unveiled a prototype system to inspire confidence in photos by securely recording and making available information about creators, edits and publishing information for photographs.

CIPA's March 2021 data shows positive signs, especially for a maturing mirrorless market

CIPA's March 2021 data is out, showing the industry is starting to stabilize after a tumultuous 2020 that saw the COVID-19 pandemic affect nearly every corner of the industry.

CIPA’s February data shows 2021 is shaping up to be a year of stabilization for the camera industry

CIPA’s latest data suggests various executives in the photography industry were right when they predicted the camera industry will begin to see a stabilization of sorts in 2021.

CIPA's October report shows camera market has mostly recovered from its COVID-19 downturn

CIPA's latest report for global camera shipments shows the camera industry is gaining pace once again in a year marred by the COVID-19 pandemic atop a market already in decline.

Study: smartphone camera use on the rise among pro photographers

Professional photographers use more smartphone cameras now than 12 months ago, but mostly for personal use and specific areas of their business.

Coronavirus: Whatever happens next, COVID-19 is already having an effect on the photo industry

Manufacturing capacity in China is reduced, economic output is down, and some factories have closed in Japan due to a shortage of parts. But the photo industry is resilient.

Apple acquires Spectral Edge to boost iPhone camera performance

The UK startup has developed a technology that uses machine learning to improve detail and color on digital cameras.

RED founder Jim Jannard announces retirement, shuts down Hydrogen phone project

At age 70 Jim Jannard goes into retirement, ending a career that has included Oakley, RED Digital Cinema and its Hydrogen project.

Report: Apple stops development of quantum dot image sensors

Shares of quantum dot (QD) specialists Nanoco dropped after reports Apple has decided to stop the development of QD image sensors because the technology was too expensive for mass production.

Nikon invests in computer vision and deep learning startup ‘wrnch’

The company says it looking into providing ‘new imaging experiences’ with technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Sony investor calls for complete spin-off of sensor division

Investor Daniel Loeb wants the business unit to become a completely independent public company with its own stock listed in the Japanese stock exchange.

Google suspends Android updates and support for Huawei, Intel & Microsoft join in

Google complies with an executive order and resulting blacklists that prohibits US companies to do business with certain foreign entities.

EyeQ acquires image optimization company Athentech and its Perfectly Clear technology

A Canadian company with venture-capital backing has acquired Athentech and says it it planning to invest in artificial intelligence and innovative workflow solutions.

Sony merges mobile, camera divisions under new 'Electronics Products and Solutions' unit

The Japanese company is creating a new Electronics Products and Solutions unit that merges several consumer electronics product lines.

Xiaomi and Light announce partnership to push smartphone photography forward

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi and Light have announced that they'll collaborate in developing smartphone cameras and computational photography technology.

Sony is hiring engineers to help strengthen its image sensor business

40 percent of Sony's new engineer hires in Japan will be allocated to the company's chip business.

Smartphone lens maker Largan is optimistic about multi-lens camera adoption

Despite a drop in fourth-quarter revenues and operating profits the Taiwanese company remains optimistic about the adoption of multi-lens camera modules on flagship smartphones.

Kodak Alaris is actively looking to sell off its paper and film unit for an estimated $34M

Kodak Alaris' Paper, Photochemicals and Film (PPF) unit is actively looking for potential buyers.

DJI shares open letter regarding corruption allegations, asks media to 'pay close attention to the facts'

DJI has published an open letter on its website that provides more information regarding its internal investigation pertaining to alleged corruption and theft.

Canon CEO expects ILC market to shrink 50% by 2020 to just 5-6M units

In an interview with Nikkei, Canon CEO Canon CEO Fujio Mitarai said he expects the ILC market to be cut in half by 2020, says mirrorless cameras are only eating into DSLR sales, not boosting the bottom line.

Samsung to acquire smartphone camera tech company CorePhotonics

CorePhotonics is an Isreal-based company and best known for its innovative smartphone camera zoom solutions.

Camera accessory manufacturer Syrp acquired by Vitec Imaging Solutions

Vitec Imaging Solutions, the company behind Manfrotto, JOBY, Gitzo and others, has announced it's acquiring Syrp, a camera accessory manufacturer that specializes in video motion control products.

Eyeing post-Brexit landscape, Sony announces Amsterdam office will become new European HQ

Sony is reportedly forming a subsidiary in Amsterdam in an effort to avoid issues as a result of Brexit, but 'business functions, facilities, departments, sites and location of [Sony employees in the UK] will remain unchanged.'

DJI addresses alleged corruption scandal that reportedly increased product prices by 20%

A statement following internal investigation by DJI alleges a number of employee were part of an internal corruption scandal that overcharged DJI for parts and materials.

Meyer Optik Görlitz brand lives on under a new owner

German company OPC Optics announced that it has acquired the trademark rights to Meyer Optik Görlitz at the insolvency procedure of NetSE in Koblenz.

Nikon issues new firmware update for the Nikon Z7

Nikon has released firmware version 1.02 that resolves a flickering issue when scrolling through images, an ISO limitation problem, and an occasional crash that could occur when displaying certain Raw files.

Sony announces Alpha Female program offering $25,000 grants and mentorships

Sony has announced a new "Alpha Female" program, a creator-in-residence opportunity that will award six-month grants to five female filmmakers and photographers.

Nikon stops all activity in Brazil after ending sales in 2017

Nikon will cease offering Brazil-based customer service and technical support, though the company stresses that it will still offer technical assistance and warranty repairs for valid warranties.

Getty family strikes deal for majority stake in Getty Images

The Getty family is working to regain control of stock photo agency Getty Images, according to multiple reports published late last week.

Report: Multi-camera smartphone segment growing at record pace

Despite the associated higher cost, by end of the year 60% of all smartphones sold are expected to feature a multi-camera module.

CIPA: Sizable drop in camera shipments for July

CIPA's latest figures show a slow summer for camera shipments, which looks especially bad when compared to the industry's stronger performance in July of 2017.

Smartphone image sensors are low in supply

A rising number of multi-camera designs means that sensor suppliers are struggling to meet increased demand.

Sony claims top spot in full-frame interchangeable lens camera market, launches 'Be Alpha' campaign

In a press release issued this morning, Sony announced it has sold more full-frame cameras than any other brand in the US over the past six months, measured both by units sold and by value.

Total: 237, showing: 1 – 50
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