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Incredible composite image shows nearly a million of Hubble's observations in a single photo

Physicist Dr. Casey Handmer has written code to composite an image showing nearly a million of Hubble's observations to see just how much of the universe the telescope has captured.

Hubble confirms a comet the size of Rhode Island, the largest comet nucleus ever seen

Hubble has confirmed the size of comet C/2014 UN271, first observed in 2010 by astronomers Pedro Bernardinelli and Gary Bernstein. Researchers Man-To Hui and David Jewitt developed a computer model to use Hubble imaging to confirm the size of the comet's nucleus as nearly 130 km (over 80 mi).

Hubble captures a galaxy with an active black hole

What at first looks like a typical spiral galaxy as viewed from the side turned out to be a Seyfert galaxy when astronomers took a closer look. According to NASA, the galaxy has an active galactic nucleus powered by matter accreting onto a supermassive black hole.

Hubble spots the most distant star ever seen, 12.9B light years away

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of Earendel, a star that existed within the first billion years following the big bang. Its light has taken 12.9 billion light-years to reach Hubble. Earendel is the most distant star ever observed.

NASA gets the Hubble Space Telescope back online and fully operational

After more than a month in a safe mode configuration, the Hubble Space Telescope and its four onboard scientific instruments are up and running and fully operational again.

The Hubble Space Telescope is in 'safe mode' after its second shutdown of 2021

The Hubble Space Telescope is in safe mode as engineers work to investigate what's wrong with the telescope's onboard instruments. This is the second time the venerable telescope has faced extended downtime after being offline for a month earlier this year.

US astronomers want a giant space-based telescope to search for exoplanets

The search for understanding in the far reaches of the known universe is an expensive endeavor. Every 10 years, US astronomers and astrophysicists release a report outlining their goals and hopes for the next decade of space exploration. The latest report has been released.

After a month of being offline, Hubble captures images showing off two ‘oddball’ galaxies

A glitch in Hubble's payload computer took the venerable observatory offline for over a month. Fortunately, a dedicated team of current Hubble engineers and alumni could ascertain the issue and switch a power control unit over to a backup unit.

Hubble captures star ‘on the edge of destruction’

As Hubble hits 31 years old, NASA releases a truly astonishing picture of the giant star AG Carinae blowing itself apart.

Hubble scientists revisit an incredible image of Veil Nebula, showing off new details

Scientists occasionally reprocess existing images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. In a new instance, Hubble scientists reprocessed a stunning image of the Veil Nebula. With new filters and post-processing methods, additional fine details of the nebula are visible.

NASA celebrates Hubble's 30th birthday with 30 new stunning images of space

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured many beautiful, important images over its first 30 years in orbit. To celebrate the milestone, NASA published 30 new images, all highlighting Caldwell objects, celestial objects amateur astronomers around the world can view for themselves.

Hubble captures supernova 70M light-years away as it briefly outshines its host galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope has been capturing images of supernova SN2018gv since February 2018. It recently exploded in a brilliant display and Hubble captured the event.

NASA shares new portrait of Jupiter captured by Hubble Space Telescope

NASA has shared a new portrait of Jupiter with the world, as captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble ushers in 29th anniversary with colorful new Southern Crab Nebula image

To celebrate its 29th anniversary, the Hubble Space Telescope revisits an old friend, the Southern Crab Nebula.