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HTC U11 Eyes smartphone features a dual selfie camera with live bokeh

HTC's newest handset, the HTC U11 Eyes, improves on the standard U11 by slapping a dual camera on the front for 'portrait mode' selfies with real-time bokeh simulation.

HTC U11+ combines U11 camera specs with large 6-inch display

The U11+ comes with the same camera specs as the excellent U11, and is HTC's first device to feature an almost bezel-less display.

HTC U11 takes top spot in DxOMark Mobile ranking

With an overall score of 90, the HTC U11 is the highest-rated smartphone camera ever tested by DxO and has taken the top-spot in the DxOMark Mobile ranking from the Google Pixel. 

HTC launches U11 flagship smartphone

HTC's latest flagship comes with a 12MP BSI CMOS sensor, a fast F1.7 aperture, optical image stabilization and 3D audio recording.

HTC announces U Ultra 5.7" phablet with 12MP camera

The U Ultra is HTC's new high-end phablet and comes with a new all-glass design and a camera module borrowed from the HTC 10. Read more

Serious spec: HTC 10 camera review

The HTC 10's predecessors have failed to impress us in the camera department, but the company's latest flagship is in a whole new league. Its 12MP sensor, image stabilization and Raw capture put it just shy of the very best mobile offerings in terms of image quality. Read more

The HTC 10 goes right to the top in the DxOMark Mobile ranking.

HTC 10 is the first smartphone with OIS in front and rear cameras

The HTC 10 is the first smartphone to feature optical image stabilization in the front camera.

DxOMark Mobile report: HTC One A9

DxoMark has published its test results for the HTC One A9.

HTC One A9 launches with 13MP and OIS

HTC's just-announced One A9 offers solid upper mid-range specs in a metal body.

HTC reveals camera-focused Butterfly 3 and One M9+ 'Supreme Camera'

The HTC Butterfly 3 and One M9+ 'Superior Camera' both come with impressive imaging specifications.

DxOMark Mobile report: HTC One M9

DxOMark has published its test results for the HTC One M9 camera.

HTC One M9 updated to capture DNG Raw images

Thanks to a camera update, the HTC One M9 can now capture DNG Raw files.

HTC introduces One M9+ with Duo Cam

The HTC One M9+ is a supercharged version of the M9 but currently only available in China.

HTC launches M8s with 13MP and Duo Cam

The One M8s is an upgrade of last year's One M8 and comes with a new 13MP camera module.

HTC One M9 comes with 20MP sensor and 4K video

For the M9 HTC drops the One M8's ultrapixels and Duo Cam for a more conventional 20MP sensor.

HTC RE update provides live streaming capability

HTC's RE companion camera has received a software update that allows for live streaming of video footage.

HTC Desire Eye features dual 13MP cameras

The HTC Desire Eye captures 13MP images at both front and back.

HTC makes Zoe video available for all Android users

The previously HTC-exclusive Zoe app has been made available to the users of other Android devices.

The updated HTC Gallery App lets you share editable Duo Cam images via a web interface.

An update to HTC's Gallery app allows for manual adjustment of the blur strength in the Duo Cam's Ufocus feature.

The HTC One E8 looks like the better option for mobile photographers than the One M8.

The HTC One M8 comes with an unrivaled imaging feature set but can it deliver in the image quality department?

We put three compact smartphones to the test under a range of shooting conditions.

HTC's One M8 features a secondary imaging sensor that captures depth information, allowing for bokeh effects and refocusing of images.

A leaked brochure provides some detail about the forthcoming HTC flagship's Duo Camera.

HTC announces the extra large One Max

The One Max super-sizes the HTC One's screen but downgrades the camera. 

Four phablets to expect this fall

Manufacturers are expected to launch large smartphones and small tablets before the holiday shopping season.

Auto image upload settings reveal thief's photos.

Slender HTC One mini announced

A phone that might fit into your skinny jeans pocket.

Rumored HTC One Max could challenge Samsung's Galaxy Note 3

A 6-inch 'phablet' version of the HTC One is expected in September.

Fresh phones coming from Samsung, HTC, Fujitsu and Casio

From rugged protection to impressive battery life, these new smartphones have a lot to offer.

HTC launches Butterfly S

Is the Butterfly S simply a larger and more powerful HTC One?

Can't-miss stories for mobile photography enthusiasts.

We put the HTC One through our rigorous real life and studio testing trials.

Stock Android HTC One announced

The HTC One with Nexus user experience will be available for $599.

Our first look at the HTC One's capture capabilities.

We put four top-of-the-line phone cameras to the test under a range of shooting conditions.

Nokia's court win is another blow for HTC One

Netherlands court ruling against HTC is effective worldwide.


We take an in-depth look at HTC's flagship Windows Phone.

Quarterly reports show Samsung soaring while HTC stumbles

Samsung sees 53 percent profit jump in Q1, while HTC's late launch of the One causes the company's lowest quarterly profit since 2004.

What does Facebook's new Android 'skin' mean for the future of social imagery? 

Facebook 'phone' comes to fruition

Long-rumored Facebook phone is Facebook-centric Android launcher instead.

HTC One will be available for $199

The 'ultrapixel' smartphone will be $199 for 32GB and $299 for 64GB from AT&T.

We are having a closer look at the HTC One's ultrapixel claims.

Facebook may launch its own Android OS on HTC

Facebook invites press to “Come See Our New Home On Android" on April 4.

iFixit scores HTC One dead last in repairability

HTC's latest flagship phone tough to tear apart and hard to fix.

Sony, HTC and T-Mobile make smartphone announcements

Xperia ZL price listed in U.S., T-Mobile gets the iPhone, 'ultrapixels' slow HTC's production.

We get a closer look at what HTC is calling 'ultrapixel' technology at MWC. 

A new sensor approach, fast F2.0 lens and optical image stabilization make the HTC One 2013's most interesting camera phone so far.

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