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Hoya introduces Starscape light pollution filter for astrophotography

Hoya's new Starscape filter helps to reduce the glare produced by the mercury and sodium vapor lights commonly found in cities.

Hoya Solas infrared neutral density filters launch in USA

Hoya has launched new USA-exclusive Solas infrared neutral density filters, touting their consistent color balance across the density range. Read more

Hoya uses antistatic coating to repel dust and water for new Fusion series

Japanese glass manufacturer Hoya says it has created a new coating that prevents dust, water and fingerprints from sticking to the surface of its filters. The company claims the coating acts like a 'force field' around its new Fusion series of filters, protecting them from stains as well as scratches. The idea behind the coating is to make the filters easy to clean and to reduce the chance of damage while in use or storage. Read more

Hoya HD3 lens filters claim to be 4x stronger than optical glass

Kenko Tokina USA recently announced the Hoya HD3 series UV and Circular Polarizer lens filters. According to the company, the filters are 4 times stronger than optical glass, and offer a 99.7 percent light transmission rate. Read more